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Buying Request Buyer Name Date
Metal ceiling wanted ETS AKOACHERE GEORGE ETENGE...   2017-11-27
Buy Construction Equipments AGAZ General Trading P.L.C/...   2017-11-27
Want to buy Farm Machinery Radville Farms Limited  2017-11-24
Farm Machinery wanted Radville Farms Limited  2017-11-24
Stylescoop-summer-dresses w... OGBOSO ENT LTD.  2017-11-23
Nice African dresses for wo... OGBOSO ENT LTD.  2017-11-23
Buy Construction Equipments Abulkhase PLC.  2017-11-23
Buy personal care products Kwatsons West Africa Ltd  2017-11-22
Wine Filtration Equipment w... Wine Machinery (Pty) Ltd  2017-11-22
Winery equipment wanted Wine Machinery (Pty) Ltd  2017-11-22
Buy Office Equipments Gambrea Trading PLC  2017-11-21
Women dresses V-neck wanted ETS CHELSY DISTRIBUTION TRA...   2017-11-21
Want o purchase women's hig... ETS CHELSY DISTRIBUTION TRA...   2017-11-21
Women's high heel shoes wan... ETS CHELSY DISTRIBUTION TRA...   2017-11-21
Leather footwear wanted M.O NKWONTE & SONS GROUP CO...   2017-11-20
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