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  • Sensuraya Co.,Ltd

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Pure Fresh Spring Water

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  • secret of selenium

    selenium has been hailed by experts at home and abroad as the patron saint of human health in the 21st century. Sensuraya group is committed to build a selenium-rich agricultural industrial chain.

    it has such key functions:

    anti-oxidant, cancer prevention
    reducing blood lipids
    boosting up immune system
    replacing insulin function, activating cell islet

    a gift from mother nature

    natural selenium-rich spring water
    the selenium content of life spring water is 0.0004~0.004mg per liter, appropriate for balancing body functions, boosting immunity, preventing cancer and delaying senility.

    natural biomolecules spring water
    deep in the strata, primitive conditions are retained for eons of time, flowing natural biomoleculars water with half-width 60~70hz. these precious biomolecules can activate cells and release vitality.

    natural high dissolved oxygen spring water
    the mountain spring is bred in a virgin forest where its concentration of negative oxygen ions is 38 times higher than the standard of who, and reaches its oxygen saturation. when you drink this spring water, your cells make full use of natural high dissolved oxygen, promote your bodys metabolism and energize yourself.

    natural mineral spring water
    life spring water is rich in more than 20 trace elements and minerals such as selenium, strontium, zinc, magnesium, iron and metasilicate acid.

    natural alkaline spring water
    alkalization of the body is achieved in many different ways, but the easiest is to take in water. the average daily water requirement of an adult is 2 to 2.5 liters. our life spring water has a ph value ranging from 7.2 to 7.8.

    chemical analysis.z

    colour (as pt/co) none
    blur (flu) none
    ph (6-8), +0.5) 7.75
    active chlorine (ppm) 0
    organic subs. exerted rate 1.0
    nitrate (mg/l) none
    none ammoniac (mg/l) none
    fluoride (mg/l) 0.06
    chloride (mg/l) 7.1
    nitrate (mg/l) 1.5
    sulphate (mg/l) 6.0
    calcium (mg/l) 11.7
    magnesium (mg/l) 4.3
    phenol substance (mg/l) none
    total hardness (fr) 4.6

    to provide energy with eating, to incinerate this energy, water has an important factor in discharging the waste of the body, to clean the body from carbon dioxide. spring water has observed to be very useful for the human health and it must be consumed with a good quality assurance and in healthy packing.
    managing direction.

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  • Welcome to SENSURAYA Co.,Ltd, the place to choose for top-quality certified products! A GroupOwned and Operated Family Business. Growing, producing, manufacturer selected and packed, with full HACCP accreditation, maintaining an “A” rating throughout the years. Dedicated and motivated personnel, traditional and innovative manufacturer and also the primarily International trading company with full techniques, teamed with a comprehensive, highly regarded quality full and tasty selection of products.

    The core activities of SENSURAYA Co.,Ltd Resource are manufacturing and trading, Agro-Organic Commodities, Dairy, Fruits and Fruit Juice, Beverages, and agricultural chemicals including crop protection, adjuvants, growth enhancers, plant nutrients, seed treatments, and many other general agricultural products and non agro products. Since 1990, SENSURAYA Co.,Ltd Resource has been a global reputation for providing exactly what companies, small scale business, wholesalers and others are looking for, which is how we've become a leading manufacturer and worldwide marketing trading company.

    SENSURAYA Co.,Ltd Resource puts a high degree of value on providing a superior level of service, relationship management and accountability throughout the marketplace.The Group owns a growing portfolio of high-yielding farms which, by 2010, encompassed nearly 118, 900 productive hectares across Europe and some sub-Sahara region. Distinctive farming competencies include productivity enhancements, technical assurance and the skilled management of risk, which is based on the geographic spread of production. Recognized by it specializes in products exported world wild.

    All SENSURAYA Co.,Ltd Resource products are specifically designed to enhance the growth of crops, environment recycle products and increase yields and to ensure better value for money for the end user. The team at SENSURAYA Co.,Ltd Resource has more than 12 years combined experience in the manufacture and implementation of agricultural products and others. Our products are superior because we base it on our core values which are quality, integrity and honesty.

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