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Life without Stroke

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  • Life without Stroke
    A complex of preparations for normalization of cerebral circulation

    Herbs for Vessels
    Calming Herbs

    Among the risk factors of development of stroke first of all the following ones are mentioned: high arterial pressure, frequent hypertension strokes, cardiac rhythm disorders, psychoemotional breakdowns. Unique formulas of medicinal herbs combinations in ?Life without Stroke? complex have been tested by long-term scientific studies aimed at reducing the risk of development of this severe disease.

    ?Life without Stroke? complex:

    Improves microcirculation in brain tissues
    Strengthens vascular walls
    Lowers arterial pressure
    Reduces volume of circulating blood
    Reduces frequency of hypertension strokes
    Stabilizes psychoemotional state
    Improves mood and ?life quality?
    Has generally restorative action
    Recommended by the Nutrition Institute of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences for reducing the risk of essential hypertension exacerbations, improvement of microcirculation and normalization of psychoemotional status.


    Phytohypertonit: hawthorn, motherwort, black chokeberries, melissa balm, bearberries, potassium and magnesium asparaginates.

    Preparation components promote stable arterial pressure decrease, reduce frequency of hypertension strokes development, improve subjective state of health. They also regulate sleep and the condition of CNS.

    Take one tablet three times a day.

    Herbs for Vessels: black chokeberries, cowberries, oregano, garlic, ginger, rutin (vitamin P), ascorbic acid (vitamin C), calcium gluconate.

    Preparation ingredients improve metabolism in vascular walls in the cases of atherosclerotic damage and normalize hemodynamic indices of peripheral circulation.

    Take one tablet three times a day.

    Calming Herbs: hawthorn, valerian, motherwort, melissa balm, coriander, common nutmeg.

    The combination and percentage of the components regulate functional condition of nervous system, decrease fatigability and irritability, facilitate falling asleep, improve mood, reduce emotional instability and pains having psychosomatic origin, decrease the risk of emotional overstrain.

    Take one tablet three times a day.

    Preparations included in ?Life without Stroke? complex have synergetic effect; by simultaneous intake they increase each other?s action.

    Attention! In order to have a stable effect it is recommended to take the preparations for three months.

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