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Wet/Dry Salted Donkey Hides and Skin

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  • We are Leading suppliers for good quality Animal hides and skins offer at very competitive market pricing.

    We have Ready stock for Wet and dry salted and Unsalted , Donkey Hide,cow hides, Goat skin , Rabbit skin, sheep skin etc with best

    Wet Salted Donkey Hides

    *Product Specification :*

    Machine flayed
    No grubs, no ticks, no holes
    No tails, no heads
    Short shanks
    Color: 80% black and white, 20% brown
    Weight: min. 28 kgs
    Average weight: 33 kgs
    Selection: 80% A, 20% B
    1 x 20 ft. container = 700 hides approx

    Hand Flayed
    No head, no tail, short shanks
    90% male, 10% female
    Humps: approx 10%
    Brands: approx 10%
    Weight: 18 to 33 kgs
    Average weight: 25 kgs
    1 x 20 ft container = 900 hides

    Hand flayed, trimmed
    Some brandmarks, 2 to 3 holes in bellies and prime areas, 70% small humps
    Weight: 18 to 24 kgs
    Average weight: 20 kgs
    Average size: 38 sq.ft.
    1 x 20ft container = 900 to 950 hides approx.

    Machine flayed
    No hump, no brands, no grubs, no ticks, trimmed
    Simmental, Angus and Hereford breeds
    Weight: 31 to 40 kgs
    Average weight: approx. 35 kgs
    Thickness: min. 4.5 mm
    Selection: 80% A, 20% B
    One x 20ft container = approx. 600 hides
    Availability: 30 containers

    - 100 % Pure Donkey Hides. No horse hides, mule hides or hides from other animals
    - No defective hides with mildew, shedding, rot, worm eating, fattiness or other objections.
    - No foal hides and hides fragment (Head, leg and other remnants).
    - No visible rosette-shaped fragmentation.
    - Quality Standard Salt.
    - Arsenic: <1 / 1,000,000

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  • Food is what drives life, is what moves the world and what moves us. For 82 years, we produce foods that are a source of strength to put life into motion, every day, for the largest number of people worldwide.

    Today, we are one of the biggest food companies in the world, created from the association between Sadia and Perdigao, two giants of food market. We are global leaders in exporting animal protein and on producing foods that reach more than 150 countries in five continents.

    We have more than 105,000 employees in 35 industrial units in Germany, 16 abroad (nine in Argentina, four in Thailand, one in the United Kingdon, one in Holland and one in the United Arab Emirates) and 40 distribution centres.

    We feed the changes we want to see in the world, with an increasingly sustainable action, either by our investments in research and innovation, the impact we cause in our communities, or even the encouragement to have a life in balance, printing positive habits in people's lives.

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