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Product Description

    • Model NO.: 191970
    • Start: Electric/Kick
    • Stroke: Four Stroke
    • Energy Transformation: Hydraulic Machine
    • Thermal Machine: External Combustion Type
    • Main Market: Middle East
    • Engine Type: Diesel
    • Part Name: Piston Pin
    • Specification: CCEC
    • HS Code: 4016931000
    • Type: Fuel System
    • Cylinder NO.: 4 Cylinder
    • Cold Style: Water-Cooled
    • Certification: CCC
    • Four Stroke Principle: Compression Stroke
    • Engine Model: Nt855, K19, K38, K50
    • Part No: 191970
    • Trademark: Cummins
    • Origin: Chongqing, China
    Cummins engine NT855 spare part piston pin 191970

    1. Description of Piston Pin 191970
    Item Name Engine Piston Pin
    Brand Cummins CCEC
    Engine ModelNTA855
    Engine TypeDiesel Engine
    P/N 191970
    Outer diameter5.2(cm)
    MOQ 1PC
    Sample Day1-7days
    Delivery Day1-7days
    Packing Cummins Package

    0 Model Bore&Stroke: Displacement:
    1 1.7 88x94mm[] 1.7 liter [103 cu. in.]
    2 2.8 94mmx100mm[3.70inx3.94cu in 2.8 liter [169cu in]
    3 4.2 94mmx100mm[3.70inx3.94cu in 4.2 liter [254 cu in]
    4 B3.3 95x115mm[3.74x4.53cuin] 3.3 liter [200 cu in]
    5 QSB3.3 95x115mm[3.74x4.53cuin] 3.3 liter [200 cu in]
    6 4B3.9 102x120mm[4.02x4.72cuin] 3.9 liter [239 cu in]
    7 ISB3.9 102x120mm[4.02x4.72cuin] 3.9 liter [239 cu in]
    8 ISB4.5 107x124mm[4.21x4.88cuin] 4.5 liter[275 in3]
    9 QSB4.5 107x124mm[4.21x4.88cuin] 4.5 liter[275 in3]
    10 6B5.9 102x120mm[4.02x4.72cuin] 5.9 liter [359cu in]
    11 ISB5.9 102x120mm[4.02x4.72cuin] 5.9 liter [359cu in]
    12 QSB5.9 102x120mm[4.02x4.72cuin] 5.9 liter [359cu in]
    13 ISB6.7 107x124mm[4.21x4.88cuin] 6.7 liter[408 in3]
    14 QSB6.7 107x124mm[4.21x4.88cuin] 6.7 liter[408 in3]
    15 6CT8.3 114x135mm[4.49x5.32cuin] 8.3 liter [504.5 cu in]
    16 ISC8.3 114x135mm[4.49x5.32cuin] 8.3 liter [504.5 cu in]
    17 QSC8.3 114x135mm[4.49x5.32cuin] 8.3 liter [504.5 cu in]
    18 ISL8.9 114x145mm[4.49x5.71cuin] 8.9 liter [542cu in]
    19 QSL8.9 114x145mm[4.49x5.71cuin] 8.9 liter [542cu in]
    20 ISDE-4.5 107x124mm[4.21x4.88cuin] 4.5 liter[275 in3]
    20 ISDE-6.7 107x124mm[4.21x4.88cuin] 6.7 liter[408 in3]
    21 M11 125x147mm[4.92x5.79cuin] 10.9 liter [660 in3]
    22 ISM11 125x147mm[4.92x5.79cuin] 10.9 liter [660 in3]
    23 QSM11 125x147mm[4.92x5.79cuin] 10.9 liter [660 in3]
    24 L10 125x136mm[4.92x5.36cuin] 10 liter [611 in3]
    25 NT855 140x152mm[5.50x6.00 cuin] 14 liter [855cu in]
    26 N14 140x152mm[5.50x6.00 cuin] 14 liter [855cu in]
    27 ISX15 137x169mm[5.39x6.65 cuin] 15 liter [915cu in]
    28 QSX15 137x169mm[5.39x6.65 cuin] 15 liter [915cu in]
    29 KTA19 159x159mm[] 19 liter [1150 cu. in.]
    30 QSK19 159x159mm[] 19 liter [1150 cu. in.]
    31 VTA28 140x152mm[5.50x6.00cuin] 28 liter [1710cu in]
    32 KTA38 159x159mm[] 38 liter [2300 cu. in.]
    33 QSK38 159x159mm[] 38 liter [2300 cu. in.]
    34 K1500E 159x159mm[] 38 liter [2300 cu. in.]
    35 QST30 140x165mm[] 30.5 liter [1860 cu. in.]
    36 KTA50 159x159mm[] 50 liter [3067 cu. in.]
    37 QSK50 159x159mm[] 50 liter [3067 cu. in.]
    38 K2000E 159x159mm[] 50 liter [3067 cu. in.]
    39 QSK23 170x170mm[] 23 liter [1404 cu. in.]
    40 QSK45 159x190mm[] 45 liter [2723 cu. in.]
    41 QSK60 159x190mm[] 60.2 liter [3672 cu. in.]
    42 QSK78 170x190mm[] 78 liter [4719 cu. in.]
    43 QSD2.0 88x94mm[] 2.0 liter [121cu in]
    44 QSD2.8 94mmx100mm[3.70inx3.94cu in 2.8 liter [169cu in]
    45 QSD4.2 94mmx100mm[3.70inx3.94cu in 4.2 liter [254 cu in]
    46 ISZ 130x163mm[] 12.97 liter [785 cu in]
    47 ISF3.8
    3.8 liter [233 cu in]
    2. More Engine and Piston Pin P/N
    Cummins NTA855 Piston Pin191970
    Cummins KTA19 Piston Pin205200
    Cummins KTA19 Piston Pin4095009
    Cummins KTA38 Piston Pin4095009
    Cummins KTA50 Piston Pin205200
    Cummins L10 Piston Pin3800140
    Cummins M11 Piston Pin4083244
    Cummins M11 Piston Pin3063843

    1. Cummins Engine Parts
    2. Cummins CCEC NTA855, KTA19, KTA38, KTA50 and M11
    3. Made in China or import
    4. Diesel Cummins Engine part
    5. Original Cummins Engine part
    6. CCEC Cummins Engine part
    7. Cummins engine part
    Shopping Guide
    Dear customers, welcome to our website.
    Because there are thousands of Cummins parts, in order to offer you good service, please kindly tell us the P/N(Part Numer). If you have no P/N, you can aslo tell us the ESN(Engine series Number) which you can find on nameplate of Cummins engine.
    About us
    Chongqing Wancum Mechanical&Electrical Equipment Co. Ltd is located in Shapingba District, Chongqing, one of the largest industry city in China. And it is just 1.5km far away from Chongqing Cummins Engine Company, Ltd(CCEC). It specializes in Cummins parts, especially CCEC Cummins parts, such as NTA855, K19, K38, K50 and M11 engine parts for 10 years. Currently, the customers cover not only in China, more than in East Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa and so on.

    As the authorized dealer of Chongqing Cummins Engine Co., Ltd(CCEC), Chongqing Wancum has the unique advantage in Cummins parts.
    Firstly, our price is more competitive, and our quality is higher; Because we have the first hand source.
    Secondly, our parts cover a wide range, especially in CCEC parts. And our stock is enough, our delivery time is shorter.
    Thirdly, we are equipped with the Cummins "QuickServe" online system, so we can easily and quickly find the right part for you.
    1. Adopting Cummins updated product design, optimized material selection, advanced manufacturing process and production technology. All are in the line with the Cummins global standards.
    2. By long time testing, the parts has been proved to be the excellent with longer duration, higher quality, more reliable performance and lower maintenance cost.
    3. The parts are manufactured by CCEC or excellent suppliers of CCEC.
    4. Enjoying the international quality and the exceeding value with the local price.

    Contact US
    Tel: +86-023-65408689
    Fax: +86-023-65400559
    Add: : No1 Da Shuijing, Tong Jiaqiao, Shapingba District, Chongqing, China(Mainland)

    Parts Range
    Chongqing Wancum Mechanical&Electrical Equipment Co. Ltd specializes in Cummins parts as
    NT855 series engine model spectrum
    Generator Industrial Euipment Marine Equipment
    NT855-GA NTC-290 NTA855-C400S10 NTAA855-C400S20 NTA855-P500
    NTA855-G1 NT855-C250 NT855-C280-T180 NTAA855-C360S20 NTA855-D(M)
    NTA855-G1A NT855-C280 NT855-C310 NTAA855-C280S20 NTA855-M350
    NTA855-G1B NTA855-C360 NT855-L290 NTA855-P400 NTA855-M400
    NTA855-G2 NTA855-C400 NTA855-L360 NT855-P270 NTA855-G2M
    NTA855-G2A NTAA855-C250S20 NTA855-L400 NTA855-P360 NTA855-G1M
    NTA855-G3 NTA855-C250S10 NTA855-C335 NT855-P300 NTA855-M300
    NTA855-G4 NTA855-C310S10 NT855-C280S10 NTA855-P470 NTA855-M
    NTAA855-G7 NTA855-C335S10 NTA855-C450 NT855-P400 NT855-M270
    NTAA855-G7A NTA855-C360S10 NT855-C280H NTA855-P450 NT855-M240

    KTA19 series engine model spectrum
    Generator Industrial Euipment Marine Equipment
    KTA19-G2 KT19-C450 KTA19-L600S10 KTA19-P750 KTA19-D(M)
    KTA19-G3 KTA19-C525 QSK19-C600 KTA19-C450S10 KTA19-M500
    KTA19-G4 KTA19-C525S10 QSKTAA19-C755 KTA19-P680 KTA19-M470
    KTAA19-G5 KTA19-C600S10 QSKTAA19-C700 QSKTAA19-G3 KTA19-M3
    KTAA19-G6 KTTA19-C700 KTA19-P525
    KTAA19-G6A QSK19-C760 KTA19-P500
    KTAA19-G7 KTA19-C600 KTA19-P600
    KTA19-G8 KTA19-L600 KTA19-P700

    KTA38 series engine model spectrum
    Generator Industrial Euipment Marine Equipment
    KT38-G KTA38-G5 KTA38-P1300 KTA38-C1050 KTA38-M2
    KT38-GA KTA38-G9 KT38-P1000 KTA38-C1200 KTA38-M
    KTA38-P1200 KTA38-C1200 KT38-M
    KTA38-P1400 KTA38-C1400 KTA38-D(M)
    KT38-P780 KT38-P830 KTA38-M950
    KT38-P780 KTA38-P980

    KTA50 series engine model spectrum
    Generator Industrial Euipment Marine Equipment
    KTA50-G3 KTA50-GS8 KTA50-C1600
    KTA50-G8 KTA50-G9 KTTA50-C2000

    MTA11 series engine model spectrum
    Generator Industrial Euipment
    MTA11-G2 M11-C300 M11-C290 M11-C300S10 M11-C380E20
    MTA11-G2A M11-C350 M11-C350S20 M11-C380 M11-C225
    MTAA11-G3 M11-C350E20 M11-C330S10 M11-C350S10 M11-C225H

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  • As the authorized dealer of Chongqing Cummins Engine Co., Ltd(CCEC), Chongqing Wancum Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co. Ltd specializes in supplying Cummins genuine parts for Cummins engine NTA855, KTA19, KTA38, KAT50, M11, VTA28 and N14. We are located in Shapingba District, Chongqing and are just 1.5km far away from Chongqing Cummins Engine Co., Ltd(CCEC). Our company is equipped with Cummins Online System that enables us to provide information of Cummins engine or parts quickly and accurately. Since founded in 2004, we engaged in the sale and service of Cummins engines and cummins genuine parts.
    With our professional skill, sincere service, enough stock, short delievery time, we have won many customers. Based on the principle of "MUTUAL DEVELOPMENT and BENEFITS", we hope to cooperate with more customers from all over the world.

    Our business scopes:
    1) The wholesale and retail of genuine CCEC parts and US parts for Cummins engine NTA855, K19, K38, K50, M11, L10 and VTA28 series.
    2) The wholesale and retail of Cummins engine oil, "Extreme Blue" and "Blue to Win" oil.
    3) The wholesale and retail of Shanghai Fleetguard filters and US Fleetguard filters
    4) The wholesale and retail of bus, Dongfeng and Cummins Engine parts
    5) The maintenance and overhaul of Cummins engines and the service of adjusting PT fuel system.
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