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Powder Coating (Agate Grey)

  • FOB Price : US $US $3
  • MOQ: 500-49,999Kilograms
  • Port : Shanghai, China
  • Payment Terms : T/T
  • Production Capacity: 1000 Tons/Year


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  • Basic Info
  • Company Profile
  • Packaging Details:Carton Packaging
  • Delivery Details:Negotiable
  • Origin:China
  • Model Number:RAL7038
  • Brand Name:SENYIDA
  • Product Type:Non Conversion Type
  • Color:Ral Colour Cards
  • Style: Finish Coat

Product Description

  • Powder coating were first introduced to the market in the min 1950's. The first finishes were thermoplastic, which were applied at very high film thickness and gave limited areas of application. Today most powders are thermosetting, based on either epoxy and or polyester resin systems. Powder coatings are based on resin, pigments, curing agents and additives.

    Main Categories:

    Art, Anti-Static, Breathable, Flame-Retardant, High Temperature Resistant, Polyester, Pure Polyester, Pure Epoxy, Thermal Transfer.
    We Provide high light (above 86%), plain glass(76-85%), matt (20-50%) and low light (below 20%) of the full-color powder coatings products. Gloss can also be controlled according to the user's requirements.


    Appliance industry, lighting, steel furniture, brake pads, machines, road signs pile, auto industry, transportation equioments, air-conditioned enclosure, armrest, fences, hospital operating room, computer room, precision instruments and so on.


    Carton packaging, lined with double polyethylene bag, net weight 20 kg.

    Storage Requirements:

    Store below 30 ° C, ventilated, dry, clean room, not near the fire, heat, direct sunlight, open dumps is prohibited. Under this condition, the powder can be stable for 12 months, more than the storage period may be re-examined, such as the results meet the requirements, can still be used.

    Health and Safety:

    This product is non-toxic. In the course of inhalation of dust should be avoided. The operators should wear appropriate dust mask and glasses.
    Coating performance
    Test itemsInspection standardsTest indicators
    Impact resistanceISO6272GB/T1732-199350kg/cm
    Cupping testISO1520GB/T9753-19888mm
    The adhesion (grid method)ISO2409GB/T9286-19980
    Pencil HardnessASTMD3363GB/T6739-19961H-2H
    Salt spray testISO7253GB/T1771-1991>500 hours
    Damp heat testISO6270GB/T1740-1979>1000 hours
    Heat resistance110°C/24 hours(white)Good gloss retention,E≤0.3-0.4
    Annotate:1.The above experiment uses 0.8mm steel with degreasing and rusting, and the coating thickness are 50-70 microns.
     2.The above coating performance may be lower as shiny and slightly lower.

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  • U & I Global Links Ltd regular buy of cement, wood pellets preferable thailand and india origin or EU and payment terms is LC. Also, we buy used rail or HMS 1 / 2.

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  • U & I
  • 2003-09-30
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  • Cement,Wood Pellets,Used Rail
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