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Intelligent Mining Beyond Visual Range LHD Radio Remote Control System

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  • Packaging Details: Standard Packaging
  • Origin:China
  • Model Number:Beyond Visual Range
  • Brand Name:OEM

Product Description

  • Basic Info
    • Model NO.: Beyond Visual Range
    • Application: Video Transmission, Optical Signal Transmission, Data Transmission, Image Transmission, Intelligent Mining
    • Condition: New
    • Communications Network: Wireless Mesh Network
    • Origin: Beijing
    • Type: WiFi
    • Warranty: 1 Year
    • Car Explosion-Proof High-Definition Web: 6.4kg
    • Trademark: OEM
    • HS Code: 8526920000
    Product Description

    Intelligent Mining Beyond Visual Range LHD Radio Remote Control System

    Beyond visual range remote control is divided into three parts: Fixed hydraulic crusher remote control system, Mine electric locomotive unmanned remote control system, Trackless equipment (scraper) remote intelligent remote control system.
    1. Fixed hydraulic crusher remote control system
    After a blasting of the ore block the prevalence of large chipper feed mouth, grid sieve can easily lead to blockage. The fixed hydraulic crusher effectively solves this problem, improve the production efficiency and production safety and reliability, many domestic mines have a good effect, is the best choice for mining enterprises to replace the secondary blasting. Our company has made a preliminary exploration on the remote control of the fixed hydraulic crusher, which can meet the construction requirements of the domestic intelligent unmanned mine remote control and automatic mining demonstration area. Remote remote control is modified in the original models of electrical and hydraulic system design, electronic control system to join the communication system and remote control procedures and remote control system, in order to achieve remote control system on the field device operating functions of the remote control.
    The remote control system is suitable for the following working environment: ground remote control.

    Intelligent Mining Beyond Visual Range LHD Radio Remote Control System

    The main system configuration:

    1Ground remote control consoleEC303-SUOne set
    2Mine intrinsically safe car radio receiverEC302-MUOne set
    3Industrial switchesEC302-SWTOne set
    4Remote control software systemEC303-SFWTwo
    5Mine explosion-proof cameraEC303-CAMseveral
    6Remote control system electrical transformation kitEC302-ELEOne set

    (1)Ground remote control console:

    Intelligent Mining Beyond Visual Range LHD Radio Remote Control System

    (2)Mine intrinsically safe car radio receiver:
    Intelligent Mining Beyond Visual Range LHD Radio Remote Control System
    EC302-MU mine intrinsically safe vehicle radio receiver for complex walking operations machinery. With ultra-modern 32-bit triple-core technology and 72MHz clock frequency and parallel processing capabilities, the controller in the performance of a new upgrade. The application field extends from the programmable control of the proportional electromagnet and the extra switching function to the coordination of the travel drive and drive control, as well as the walking machine high complexity control circuit. Up to 32 outputs (0% *Vbat to 100% * Vbat), 4 analog inputs, 8 digital inputs, and 1 CAN bus for intelligent communication. These control units provide a high-performance platform for all functions of the walking machine.
    2. Mine electric locomotive unmanned remote control system
    Underground electric locomotive remote control system uses the frequency conversion technology, micro-electronic control technology, underground GIS technology, underground high-precision positioning technology and high-bandwidth, high reliability networking technology, combined with the production operation optimization scheduling model to realize downhole electric locomotive remote control operation and variable speed cruise from run. The system has satisfied the trend of mining modernization and laid an important foundation for digital mining.
    Underground electric locomotive transport lines cross, more vehicles, more personnel, the scene environment is complex, production organization and safety management more difficult. Electric locomotive remote control technology, so that on-site unmanned electric locomotive, the motor vehicle operation control from the underground to the ground control room for operation, can be carried out on the underground motor vehicle transport line closed management, controllable, visual Remote operation, so that greatly enhance the degree of automation of transport, transport capacity to play a greater play, effectively prevent the casualties in the transport process, improve the safety level of underground motor vehicle transport and transport production efficiency.
    The system consists of monitoring center, underground WIFI backbone network, and locomotive control system composed of three parts, the network architecture as shown below.

    Intelligent Mining Beyond Visual Range LHD Radio Remote Control System
    Network architecture of remote control system for underground electric locomotive

    (1)Monitoring center includes: remote control console, media server, scheduling server, scheduling, PC monitoring software.
    (2)Underground WIFI backbone network includes: Core switches, backbone switches, multi-function gateway, WIFI base station.
    (3)Locomotive control system includes: Locomotive controller, mine explosion-proof camera, dynamic signal machine, switch machine, axle counter.
    Product Function:
    (1) Network communication. The system realizes the status of the equipment, the video and the vehicle condition information of the electric locomotive to the control center by constructing the wired backbone network and the wireless vehicle communication network, and real-timely sends the locomotive control instruction and the dispatching instruction to the locomotive room.
    (2)Interlock control. The system realizes the safe and orderly dispatching for the transportation of multiple electric locomotives by constructing the dispatching subsystem, which realizes the interlocking of the transport interval, the hostile interlocking, the signal machine, the axle counter and the switch machine.
    (3) Remote monitoring. Remote monitoring of mobile video, fixed-point video, and electric vehicle speed, current, voltage status information, but also in the form of roadway thumbnail shows the dynamic position of the locomotive, trajectory equipment working condition.
    (4) Ore matching dispatching. The system can automatically generate the ore grade scheduling plan by inputting the ore grade, detecting the ore bin level and the transportation metering data.
    (5) Remote operation. Remote operators can remotely control the underground electric locomotive start and stop control to achieve remote control of electric locomotives driving, according to the working mode setting; you can also remote control and local driving.
    (6) Loading operations. Through the remote control platform on the mining machine operating handle, you can combine the video image, the position sensor signal on the slide nozzle loading and unloading for remote operation, achieving remote control loading and unloading operations.
    (7) Security. Onboard controller with self-diagnosis, traffic analysis and vehicle distance management and other security features, it is to achieve the core functions of automatic driving.
    (8) Measurement statistics. Through the vehicle card installed in the wagon, the warehouse installed warehouse sensors and unloading stations installed in the track scale data collector to monitor the use of the wagon, the ore position and volume, generate various reports, easy to train scheduling and distribution management.
    (9)Power supply monitoring and control: monitoring the traction rectifier into the open-stop state, voltage, fault and other signals, remote control wire partition switch and switch can detect the working state.
    Advantage Analysis:
    (1) The use of modern information technology and control technology, the establishment of space, digital, network, intelligent and visualization and other technical systems, the underground mine production process automation control and information collection, analysis, management, remote remote control production, improve downhole Operating environment, reduce downhole operations personnel, improve the nature of mine production safety and labor productivity.
    (2) System implementation can improve the production efficiency of mining enterprises, reduce energy consumption and spare parts loss, to prevent casualties in the disaster, to play an absolutely reliable guarantee. Efficiency: 5 to 10% increase in production efficiency.
    (3) Personnel: electric locomotive drivers and put miners into one, a worker can control at least two locomotives, posts at least halved.
    (4) Equipment: DC motor, the average annual replacement of each vehicle 3 times, the average repair 1 Taiwan about 0.3 million, the system uses AC motor, with the same capacity of the DC motor, the price is only 1/3, reliable operation, The possibility of damage is relatively small, or even 1 year cannot change, save the motor maintenance costs.
    3. Trackless equipment (scraper) remote intelligent remote control system.
    Intelligent Mining Beyond Visual Range LHD Radio Remote Control System
    Schematic diagram of beyond visual range remote control system
    Beyond visual range remote control system applications shown in the figure, the figure represents the ground control center house; yellow box is the wireless base station.
    The overall logic of the beyond visual range remote control system is shown in Figure, which is an ergonomic remote control console for the scraper. But also an important part of the central control room.

    Intelligent Mining Beyond Visual Range LHD Radio Remote Control System
    Beyond visual range remote control system overall logic diagram
    Build the control system and monitoring system in the control console. The operator can remotely control the travel and movement of the scraper through the operating mechanism such as the handle on the console. The operator performs the necessary operations on the knobs, buttons, and handles on the console, and the operation is compiled and sent to the controller. And then through the wireless network on the scraper start, speed, steering, throttle and brake to remote control, make it moving in required speed and required way, so as to realize remote control and monitoring of the scraper. At the same time, scraper transfer the real-time image and operating parameters of video signals of the road condition in the front and back of scraper through the wireless network real-time transmission to the PC installed on the console display, so that the operator are able to remotely control the scraper's real driving environment, thus monitoring the operation condition of scraper. The scraper, the human (remote driver), and the remote control console (remote control platform, wireless router, camera, control system, etc.) form a closed-loop control system.
    The overall function list:
    (1) Communication network: wireless MESH network based on WLAN technology
    (2) Remote control function: the control center to send commands, remote control scraper for a variety of actions. Including forward, reverse, throttle, turn left, turn right, boom lifting , boom lowering, loading, unloading, parking brake, auxiliary brake, outfire, engine start, speed gear, emergency stop, headlights, And a variety of protective measures, that is, the functions of the present sight distance remote control.
    (3) Video surveillance: Scraper front and rear were installed network camera for remote monitoring of the working environment, the camera should have a dust treatment, the video data directly through the wireless MESH network upload to the monitoring center
    (4) Ore removal metering system functions: real-time display of each bucket ore weight and cumulative weight, to facilitate the statistics of each shift, month and year workload of drivers.
    (5) Running status monitoring: The scraper unit real-time monitors vehicle running status, and report to the monitoring center. Status information includes: oil pressure, oil level, engine temperature, transmission oil temperature, transmission oil pressure, brake oil pressure, brake oil level, tank oil level, mileage, travel time, engine working condition, braking state, neutral condition, forward, backward, throttle, turn Left, turn Right, lift arm, lower arm, loading, unloading, brake, outfire , engine start indication, etc.
    (6) Sound and light alarm: When the scraper running status monitoring parameters exceed the set threshold, the car unit issued by the sound and light alarm, while the alarm uploaded to the monitoring center.
    (7) Driving record: The onboard unit automatically records various movements and states of the scraper, similar to the black box function, which can be read directly through the serial port when the scraper is faulty. Including: oil pressure, oil level, engine temperature, transmission oil temperature, gearbox oil pressure, brake oil pressure, brake oil level, fuel tank level, mileage, driving time, engine working condition, braking state, neutral condition, forward, backward, throttle, turn left, turn right, lift arm, lower arm, loading, unloading, brake, outfire , engine start indication, etc.
    (8) Vehicle location: real-time display in the monitoring center in the current location of the scraper.
    (9) Path learning: Install the mode switch (manual, learning and remote control) on the scraper. After selecting the learning mode, the operator will drive the scraper on the planned road, and the vehicle unit will record relevant information to prepare for autonomous navigation.
    (10) Autonomous navigation: By the monitoring center to send instructions to make the scraper work in autonomous navigation mode. When it is under autonomous navigation, the scraper vehicle unit move automatically according to the path of learning, through the odometer to determine the exercise distance, through the positioning system calibration route, through the angle sensor attitude adjustment, through the front part of the laser scanner to identify the roadblocks and do corresponding treatment ; Autonomous navigation has a driving safety zone, alarm zone, dangerous parking area identification.
    (11) Manual intervention: Autonomous navigation allows manual intervention, that is, through the monitoring center to send manual intervention instructions, vehicle-mounted unit analysis and execution of orders.
    (12) Working mode: The scraper has a variety of operating modes, including: manual control, path learning mode, remote control mode, the three modes in the scraper to select the switch, when selecting remote control mode, the monitoring center can choose whether using autonomous navigation mode, automatic discharge mode.
    We cooperate with the factory. We can either install a wireless remote control system on a new device or install and modify it on an old device.


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