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Four Wheels Lateral Move Irrigation System Machine

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  • Port : Shanghai
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  • Production Capacity: Above US$100 Million


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  • Basic Info
  • Company Profile
  • Packaging Details:Standard Package
  • Origin:China
  • Model Number: DPP
  • Brand Name:IRRITECH

Product Description

  • Model NO.: DPP
    Type: Irrigation System
    Drainage & Irrigation Mode: Sprinkler Irrigation Equipment
    Material: Metal
    Certification: ISO9001:2008
    Application Field: Agriculture
    Specification: Standard Package
    Usage: Irrigation
    Power Source: Electricity
    Pump Type: Centrifugal Pump
    Ground Drainage and Irrigation Machinery Type: Pumping Irrigation
    Condition: New
    Trademark: IRRITECH
    Origin: China
    As a grower, you understand that anything you can do to maximize your field's yields and increase your bottom line is worth a look. That's why IRRITECH wants you to evaluate your field to see if lateral move irrigation ,also called linear, is a fit for you.Lateral move irrigation provide returns not found in other irrigation equipment, including increased coverage and flexibility.
    Lateral move irrigation is often times seen as one of the most highly efficient methods of irrigation. We can help you assess your situation, considering the complete irrigation system - including water source, delivery and field application. We ensure lateral move irrigation gives you what you need - peace of mind and the potential for greater profitability.

    Maximize irrigated area - A linear typically irrigates 92% to 98% of a square or rectangular field.
    Reduce labor costs - A linear can reduce your labor as much as 50% compared with surface, side roll or hand move irrigation.
    Maximize crop production with limited resources -Linears conserve water by applying only the amount of water that's needed, where it's needed.
    A multi-purpose farm tool - Linear irrigation does more than just irrigate, it may be used to provide your farm management program with chemigation, fertigation, germination and leaching.

    The lateral move sprinkler irrigation,also called Rainger consist of multiple towers, which are supported for a spraying pipe. While lateral translation, the machine doing spray irrigation operation, with high efficiency, energy saving, water saving production and labor- saving features.The lateral move sprinkler irrigation maximum use of the land of a square or rectangle, and farmland application rate could reach 98%.
    As a fully functional irrigation equipment, IRRITEC irrigation not only can be used for spray irrigation, but also be equipped with spray of chemical fertilizer and pesticides. It is the best way to promote the growth of crop and reduce the land salinization.

    Product details:
    The lateral move sprinkling machine could pass through farmland back and forth, and farmland application rate could reach 98%. This kind of lateral mover machine takes a common truck platform as its base. The truck could be equipped with special equipment, and take water from one of the two water sources. It could take water from the ground open water division canal, or take water from the closed system or water pipe. The truck also could be equipped with various optional parts, such as power device, water pump, generator, fuel box, chemical agent box and so on.

    Linear irrigation offers great advantages of coverage and flexibility not found in other irrigation systems. These advantages can increase your field's potential and your bottom line. However, not all fields are suited for linear irrigation. Consider the complete irrigation system, including water source, delivery and field application.

    Ditch Delivery
    Water Source Earthen ditch or concrete canal
    Power Source Cart mounted genset
    Guidance GPS, above- or belowground cable, or furrow
    Typical field sizes 320-1,500 acres,130-607 hectares
    Typical flow rates 500-4,500 gpm,32-284 lps
    Chemigation On board tanks
    Engines John Deere®, Cat®

    IRRITECH Rainger line gives you the ability to customize the equipment to fit your requirements. Linear basic cart, equipped with a five-inch tube frame with outstanding durability to hold conditions. The same frame is used no matter your water source - you select what you need.

    Hose Delivery
    Water Source Pressurized pipeline
    Power Source Cart mounted genset or power cord
    Guidance Above- or belowground able or furrow
    Typical field sizes 10-240 acres,9-47 hectares
    Typical flow rates 200-1,400 gpm,12-88 lps
    Hose sizes (I.D.) 4, 4.75, 6 & 8 inch HDPE 120, 150 & 200mm
    Gensets Isuzu®, John Deere®, Deutz®

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  • Anhui IRRITECH Agriculture Equipment Corporation Limited is a high and new tech enterprise, professionally engaged in R&D, production and sales of irrigation machines and crop protection equipment used in large-scale farmland. Focusing on the labor saving, water saving, power saving and increasing yield, IRRITECH independently research and develop pivot and linear and other automatic irrigation system to offer the customers together with the professional before and after sales service. 

    IRRITECH has passed system management as ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, IRRITECH products has certified "water saving equipment". One fully automatic production line guarantee the accuracy of cutting and welding, and guarantee the annual productivity of 162500m tubes for pivot or linear, at the same time, ERP system ensure the internal manufacturing and logistic quality. 

    IRRITECH was public in 2015(stock code is 835416). IRRITECH products has been successfully installed and used in most provinces in China to irrigate wheat, corn, potato, alfalfa, sugarcane, flowers, and fruits. Export to Mali in Africa, Cuba in South American, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan in Middle Asia. We are looking forward to corporate with distributors and customers to achieve win-to-win and long term benefit.
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