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  • Weifang Zhuo Yi Trading Co., Ltd.

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200 mute mobile full automatic diesel generating set, low power noise, easy to move, self - switching, perfect set

  • FOB Price : US $9705
  • MOQ: 1Kilograms
  • Port : Qingdao
  • Payment Terms : D/P
  • Production Capacity: 50000


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  • Basic Info
  • Company Profile
  • Packaging Details:Wooden box
  • Origin:Shandong, China
  • Model Number:ZY200
  • Brand Name:diesel generating set

Product Description

  • Zhuoyi group specializes in the production of 6 to 3000 kw generating sets. 
    Low fuel consumption, strong performance, simple operation, easy maintenance and other advantages. 
    Factory direct sales, national pooling, welcome to procurement. 
    Contact phone, 18653609365, wechat, jack per line

    Zhuoyi group specializes in the production of 6 to 3000 kw generating sets. 
    Low fuel consumption, strong performance, simple operation, easy maintenance and other advantages. 
    Factory direct sales, national pooling, welcome to procurement. 
    Contact phone, 18653609365, wechat, same sign

    Domestic after - sales service:
    Weifang zhuoyi trading co., ltd has a team of skilled technicians and engineers to provide you with first-class after-sales debugging, three guarantees service, unit maintenance and repair services, as well as free training operators. 
    2. the quality assurance period shall be 12 months from the date of the installation, commissioning and commissioning of all equipment signed by the contract, and the acceptance of the acceptance certificate. 
    3. during the warranty period, the company shall receive the equipment failure notification, and within 2 hours shall be answered, and within 24 hours, the service personnel shall be sent to the site for processing. 
    4. when the unit comes out of the factory, the complete set of detailed use manual, instruction manual and certificate of quality are attached. The contents include structural introduction, installation scheme, diesel engine use and maintenance instructions, generator use and maintenance instructions, generator set use and maintenance instructions, parts atlas and wiring drawings and other technical information. 
    5. the company has a special ( original ) spare parts library, which can provide timely and rapid maintenance and spare parts replacement service. The products purchased by the user can enjoy the special service of cost only after the expiration of the warranty period. 
    6. regular services and training of personnel. 
    Foreign after - sales service:
    Our company has a special after-sales service organization, and the organization has perfect function design, clear organization division of labor, adequate staffing and good operating mechanism; 
    The warranty period for export products shall be 12 months or 1000 hours from the date of arrival, whichever is earlier. 
    Our company has the skilled, fast and timely professional service team, the service personnel have many years of generation unit commissioning, maintenance experience. Provide fast and perfect technical service to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. 
    During the warranty period, if the product fails, the user shall provide the relevant information, and the supplier acknowledges the product quality problem, the supplier shall be responsible for providing the parts to the designated place within the buyer, and the buyer shall be responsible for the shipment and replacement of the parts. 
    If the equipment used abroad is required, the two parties may send professional services personnel to the overseas site to guide the installation, commissioning and service of the on-site guidance equipment, but the buyer shall bear the expenses of us $ 100 per person per day for all transportation expenses, room and board expenses incurred from abroad, and us $ 100 per person per day. 
    Foreign equipment more concentrated areas, such as Africa, the middle east, southeast Asia, we have professional technical services personnel visit regularly visit. 
    In the countries with centralized equipment and large number of equipment, after the agreement reached by both parties, our company can send personnel to set up the spare parts warehouse and maintenance station, to ensure the operation of the equipment and the timely supply of necessary accessories. 
    During the quality assurance period, our company provides a life-long paid quality service, only receives the cost of the cost of the cost, and regularly inquires the guidance of the contract equipment. 
    Our company headquarters provides 24 - hour user service telephone 18653609365, contact: cengmingliang. 
    We will strictly ensure that the interests of the users are not lost. 
    Weifang zhuoyi trading co., ltd is specialized in distributing diesel engine, diesel generating set ( land use ship ), clutch unit, gas turbine and water pump unit. the company is located in Weifang city, Shandong province, the birthplace of world kite. The company is a set of diesel engine and diesel generator set research and development, sales, service in one of the modern enterprises. 
    The product model is 2105 / 2110 / 490 / 495 / 4100 / 4102 / 4105 / 4,108 / 6105 / 6110 / 6113 / 6126 series of direct injection and eddy current diesel engines and various original installed accessories. Main supporting: fixed power, engineering machinery, ship, air compressor, etc., products have been exported to Europe, southeast Asia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Africa and other countries and regions. The company has sales and service centers in many regions of China, providing professional pre - sales, sales, after-sales service and technical consultation. Our sincere service has received the support and trust of many customers, has won a good reputation in the industry. 
    The power of diesel generating set is all over 3kw to 1,500, and there are many specifications such as common type, automatic type, low noise type, mobile power station type, automatic frequency modulation type and so on. 250 kw independent production and development, more than 300 kw power uses diesel engine, jichai, Weichai, Yuchai, Cummins, daewoo, Volvo and other domestic and foreign well-known manufacturers of diesel engine, the generator adopts Stanford, Shanghai Qiang Hui, Guangzhou British, marathon and so on to ensure the quality and performance of the products. 
    Widely used in mines, oil fields, enterprises, residential areas, office buildings, mining islands, farms, factories, forest mines and hospitals, communications, fire, roads, railways, ships, airports, bridges and other units; It can be used as the main power supply, and also as an emergency standby power supply. 
    Warmly welcome people from all walks of life to visit the company and negotiate. Quality cast outstanding, integrity based on the world, look forward to work with you to create a better tomorrow. 
    I generator set - static sound box
    1. significant low noise performance, the unit noise limit 75db ( distance from the unit 1m )
    2. the overall structure of the unit is compact, small in size and novel in appearance. 
    3. multi - layer shielding impedance sound insulation cover. 
    4. efficient noise reduction multi - channel intake and exhaust, inlet and exhaust passage, ensure the sufficient dynamic performance of the unit. 
    5. large impedance composite muffler. 
    6. large capacity fuel oil
    7. special quick opening cover plate, easy maintenance and maintenance
    Ii. generating units - mobile trailers
    There are many kinds of structure and function of mobile tractor generating set, trailer power station, mobile low noise power station, mobile container power station, etc. the system is designed by the company with advanced technology, and has good operating performance and safety performance. 
    Iii. generating units - mute mobile power station
    The quiet mobile power station is the combination of the static sound box and the mobile trailer. 
    Iv. generation unit - self - start, self - shutdown system
    The electric regulating unit can select, automatically detect the city power, lose the power of the power generation unit, and automatically detect whether the generator set is successful. After receiving the power signal, the unit automatically slows down and stops. 
    V generation unit - four protection system
    Overspeed, low oil pressure, high water temperature, low voltage alarm stop. 
    Vi. automatic switching control system of the generation unit - ATS
    Has all the features of the self - starter system. Automatic detection of the city power to start the unit, the load on its own, professional ATS switching system, to put electricity safely, convenient and efficient. After receiving the power signal, the load power delivery is cut off by itself, and the unit will be spun down and shut down automatically. 
    Vii. generation units - fully automated and machine / grid - connected systems
    It is suitable for single machine operation and also can be used for the operation of multiple generators, with automatic detection fault, real-time display of all operating parameters, detection of the working status of the purifier, and realize various automatic protection functions. According to the requirements of customers, we can make a variety of plans to meet the practical requirements. 
    8. high - voltage generating sets
    Cummins, Perkins, MTU, jichai and other well-known brands of engines, strong power, high reliability. 
    Weifang zhuoyi trading co., ltd strength, heavy credit, adhere to the contract, to ensure the quality of products, with many varieties of business characteristics and the principle of small profits, win the trust of the majority of customers. 
    Contact: former manager
    Contact phone: 18653609365 wechat, same sign

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  •  Weifang Zhuo Yi Trading Co., Ltd.
    Is a distribution of diesel engine, diesel generator set (land use, Marine), clutch unit, gas generator, water pump unit of the professional enterprises, the company is located in the birthplace of kites - weifang city, shandong province.
    Our company is a modern enterprise integrating diesel engine and diesel generator set, sales and service.
    Product model 2105/2110/490/495/4100/4102/4105/4108/4105/4108/6113/6126 series of direct injection and turbo diesel engine factory installed and various accessories.
    The products have been exported to Europe, southeast Asia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Africa and other countries and regions.
    The company has a sales and service center in many areas of China, providing customers with professional pre-sale, sales, after-sales service and technical consultation.
    Our sincere service has received many customers' support and trust, has won good reputation in the industry.
    The power of diesel generator is in the range of 3KW to 1500KW, which has many specifications, such as common type, automatic type, low noise type, mobile power station type and automatic grid frequency modulation.
    Below 250 kw independent research and development, production more than 300 kw power used on wood, JiChai, weichai, yuchai, cummins, daewoo, Volvo and other domestic and foreign well-known manufacturer of diesel engine, generator with Stanford, Shanghai hui, guangzhou eng, marathon and guarantee product quality and performance.
    Widely used in mining, oil field, enterprise, island residential area, office buildings, mines, farms, factories, mines and the hospital, communication, fire protection, roads, railways, Bridges, ships, airport etc industry.
    As a main power source, it can also be used as an emergency standby power supply.
    Warmly welcome all circles to visit and negotiate.
    Quality is excellent, integrity based on the world, we look forward to working with you to create a better tomorrow.

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Basic Information

  • Industrial Machinery-Power Equipment-Power-supply Device
  • Global
  • Weifang Zhuo Yi
  • 2013-12-02
  • Marine diesel generator, diesel engine. Mute mobile emergency standby generator set, diesel engine fittings.
  • Global engine users, power companies and individuals
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