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  • MingFa power generation equipment Co., Ltd.

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150KW Mute Diesel Generator Set

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  • MOQ: 1Pieces
  • Port : Guangdong,China
  • Payment Terms : Money Order,Alipay
  • Production Capacity: 1,000 sets + / year


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  • Packaging Details:standard export package
  • Origin:China
  • Model Number:SC7H250D2
  • Brand Name:ShangChai

Product Description

  • Productstructure design


    The design standard of the Mute box:

    All mute units are designed, produced andtested in accordance with strict standard requirements, fully embody safety andhumanization. The lifting holes of the mute units can be convenientlysuspended. In cold areas, tropical areas and deserts, the units can assembleelectronic preheating devices and air cooling systems. And sand control equipment.

    Base oil tank and oil supply device:

    The unit has a daily base oil tank withconvenient refueling and oil level detection system, which is convenient forrefueling and observation of fuel oil. The external fuel tank can be connectedfor a long time, and the oil drainage is transported to the outside of thesound box.

    Mute box safety device:

    The leakage protection device is equippedwith a highly safe NFB leakage protection device. When the generator side orthe load side is sensed, it will cut off the circuit and alarm in a moment, andthe device also has the overload protection function. High temperatureprotection, high temperature at high temperature signs and high temperaturealarm device, and the operation of the unit through man-machine interfaceoperation, avoid the damage caused by the direct contact of the unit, automaticalarm system: equipped with inspection system and emergency shutdown device,alarm and sound alarm, durable and reliable.Equipped with engine cut-offcircuit when emergency shutdown, completely eliminates the possibility ofelectric shock when restarting.

    Control screen operating system:

    It is convenient to use the opening doorand control observation window, installation, observation, maintenance,operation and so on. The components of the electric control system of thegenerator control system and the engine are installed in the control box andinstalled in the control box. The operation, the overall performance and thesafety maintenance are fully played. With advanced technology and multiplelanguages, the performance is stable. It is suitable for automatic control andsystem monitoring of generating units, and realizes automatic start up andshutdown of generator units, data monitoring and alarm protection.

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  • Located in Tangxia Town, Pengjiang District, Jiangmen, Ming Fa Power Generation Equipment Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in supporting sales import, domestic famous brand manual, automatic diesel generator set, machine room design, installation of diesel engine, generator, maintenance and supporting supply and so on.

    Since its establishment in 1986, Ming Fa power generationequipment has been the standard of realistic innovation. At present, it hasmore than 10 advanced mechanical and electrical engineering technicians and alarge number of high-quality production technicians integrating production,sales and after-sales service. Since 1989, after being designated by Lanzhou electric motor factory as the only agent in Guangdong area, the Ming Fa power generation equipmentcompany has been engaged in the operation of Lanzhou generator. In 2004, the companybecame the largest sales agent in Lanzhouelectric motor factory throughout the country. In 2006, the company was awardedthe cooperation partner of the Lanzhouelectric motor limited liability company.

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Basic Information

  • General Machinery-Electric Generator-Diesel Generator
  • Special import, domestic famous brand diesel generator set: 8KW-1000KW, with Cummings, Shanghai, Yucai, Weicai supporting Lanzhou, STAMFORD, ENGGA, MARATHON and other generators, there are manual and self starting, automatic switching, installation of mobile silent units and so on.
  • China, Africa, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia
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