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High Professional Seismograph

  • FOB Price : US $35500.00
  • MOQ: 1Sets
  • Port : Xi'an, China
  • Payment Terms : T/T
  • Production Capacity: 20


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  • Basic Info
  • Company Profile
  • Packaging Details:Precision instrument box
  • Origin:XI'AN
  • Model Number:HL48
  • Brand Name:Hwaland
  • Color:Dark Grey
  • Style:HL48-24

Product Description

  • HL48 is a portable, multi-channel, enhancement type 24 digit high professional shallow-layerseismograph.

    It adopts 24-digit high-performance analog digital  (A / D) converter at international level. The maximumsampling interval is 20 us.

    Eeachchannel independently configured high-precision multi-stall preamplifier, it gainsis set independently for each channel, in order to ensure to gathaer far andnear signal.

    WinXPembedded computer systems, hommization interface design, complete easily datagather, processing, storage.

    Coloreddisplay with super-high contrast and high brightness, it can clearly display thewaveforms in bright light.

    Built-inhigh resolution thermal printer, direct printing waveform acquisition, dateinspection report. Support waveform acquisition automatic batch printing.

    Detectorand big line spot testing, full waveform noise monitoring online.

    Coverageswitch with built-in all-electronic, improve field construction and explorationefficiency.

    Themachine is 1 to 48 channels to Option, the software can be set to 1 to 48seismographs, suitable for different occasions.

    Workbandwidth 5KHz, adapted UHF engineering surveys, also for monitoringlow-frequency earthquakes.

    Built-inhigh-quality signal source, set day, month, year function to facilitateindustry self-test specification and use.

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  • XI’AN HWALAND GEO-TECH CO.,LTD is an extremely creative high-tech company specialized in promoting progress of the geophysical prospecting and survey technology industry by providing geophysical prospecting technologies, equipment, services and solutions. As a key enterprise incubating overseas students, Hwaland is located at the state-level. Xi’an High-techDevelopment Zone. Possessing a high-quality R&D team, Hwaland has no lackof distinguished pioneers and excelsior stickers; those core personnel haveeven accumulated decades of years of experience in industrial research,development and production and researched many products with proprietary intell ectual property rights; besides, they display outstanding capabilities ofcomputer control, digital signal processing and modern communication andtransmission technologies, etc. After several years efforts, Hwaland hasdeveloped into a professional petroleum instrument manufacturer with complete facilities and advanced technology. In the field of petroleum exploration, Hwaland has developed a series of petroleum instruments with independent intellectual property right.

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Basic Information

  • General Machinery-Instrument Apparatus-Specialized Instrument
  • hwaland
  • 2009-05-13
  • manufacturing enterprise
  • HL48 high precision seismograph is an enhancement type professional shallow-layer seismograph featured with high precision, high resolution and multiple channels. The system consists of the military-grade industrial personal computer, LED display with high contrast and high brightness, high resolution thermal printer and special acquisition channel plate and is widely applied in refraction, reflection, seismic prospecting, surface wave survey, VSP, minilog and small marine seismic survey.
  • Hwaland uses advanced technology and scientific management methods to provide complete technical solutions for the market and customers. After years of development, Hwaland has won high recognition from domestic and foreign customers with its cost-effective products and excellent after-sales service system, such as Shengli Oilfield, Henan Oilfield, Zhongyuan Oilfield, Zhongnan Oilfield, Southwest Oilfield, Jiangsu Oilfield and Daqing Oilfield,Sudan, Pakistan, Ethiopia etc. In the cold northeast winter and hot Africa, our HL48 high precision seismograph can be used normally.
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