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  • Dongguan yiyuan diesel generator co. LTD

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Low-Noise Diesel Generator Set/Soundproof Diesel Generator Set/Silent Type Diesel Generator Set

  • FOB Price : US $3589-16000
  • MOQ: one
  • Port : shenzhen
  • Payment Terms : Alipay,D/P
  • Production Capacity: 500


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  • Basic Info
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  • Packaging Details:Waterproof plastic film
  • Origin:guangdong.china
  • Model Number:Low-Noise
  • Brand Name:yiyuan
  • Color:freedom to choose
  • Style:Low-Noise

Product Description

  •     If you need a silent diesel generator, please contact us! Yayuan diesel generator co., LTD provides silent type and drag type diesel generator set production customization service, you provide the plan, we are responsible for the implementation. 
    attention please:The product configuration and power size are different, the price is different, please call or email the specific price.
    Introduction of silent type diesel generator set:
        Low noise diesel generator sets (silent type) adopt such noise reduction measures as isolation, silencing, sound insulation and sound absorption, so that their noise index is greatly reduced. yiyuan series of low-noise power stations are respectively box-type, vehicular type and noise level up to 80 sub-standard (dB). Such stations have good mobility, strong adaptability and fast power supply. It is suitable for use in densely populated areas or places with strict requirements on environmental noise. It is widely used in film and television production, municipal engineering construction and other industries. 
        Silent type generator set features:
    1. Low noise, compact overall structure and small space; 
    2. The box body is all removable. The box body is made of steel plate splicing. 
    3. The box body adopts multi-layer impedance mismatch silencer structure and large internal impedance muffler. 
    4. The box body is designed with reasonable structure. The box body is equipped with a large-capacity oil tank inside, and two overhaul doors are provided at the same time to facilitate the unit's fault maintenance; 
    5. At the same time, there are observation Windows and emergency shutdown buttons of the unit on the box body, so as to observe the operation of the unit and stop the unit at the fastest speed in case of emergency to avoid damage to the unit.

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  •     Yiyuan diesel generator co., LTD. Is a company integrating the assembly production of new diesel generators and the sales of second-hand diesel generators. Yiyuan company is a professional diesel generator manufacturer and one of the early manufacturers of diesel generator sets in China. With first-class testing equipment, advanced production technology, professional manufacturing technology, perfect quality management system, strong research and development technology strength.  Production and sales of 100 kw to 2000 kw on the power of cummins, shanghai diesel, yuchai, such as generator set, also can provide all kinds of ordinary, four protection, automation, automatic switching, low noise and mobile trailer high-quality, low energy consumption of diesel generating set custom, everything to meet customer demand for electricity, also can meet the requirements of users to different voltage, frequency, and multiple units in parallel grid power supply system.
    Company of second-hand diesel generator group can provide a large number of high-quality second-hand diesel generating sets, brands are cummins, caterpillar, daewoo, Rolls-Royce, Volvo, mitsubishi, Shanghai diesel, yuchai, brand models complete, price concessions, quality is guaranteed, each machine has a professional technician to debug unit testing, maintenance, clean appearance, ensure the machine to the hands of customers can rest assured use.
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  • General Machinery-Electric Generator-Diesel Generator
  • 2014-02-28
  • manufacturing enterprise
  • Diesel generating set, diesel generating sets used, second-hand cummins generators, second-hand daewoo generator, second-hand perkins generator, second-hand caterpillar generators, second-hand, Volvo generator used mitsubishi generator, second-hand Shanghai diesel generators, second-hand yuchai generator, diesel generator set accessories, generator filter, generator and cabinets, ATS automatic conversion tank,
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