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  • Shanghai SMAC Industrial Co., Ltd.

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33m Chassis Truck-mounted Concrete Pump

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  • Port : Shanghai
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  • Production Capacity: 10000 pcs / year


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  • Basic Info
  • Company Profile
  • Packaging Details:Wooden box
  • Origin:China
  • Model Number:Wooden box
  • Brand Name:Cardetail

Product Description

  • This model is a star product specially for rural housing construction, and it can easily cope with the narrow and complex venues in rural areas.
    33m Chassis Truck-mounted Concrete Pump-Cardetail

    Product Description

    1-More reasonable and compact design.

    2-Easily adjust to small and complex terrain in rural areas with single-sided support technology.

    3-Compared with the technical dimension (Length/Height/Wheelbase: 9.9m/3.8m/5200mm) of a well-known brand in the same industry, our design is more reasonable and compact with the technical dimension (Length/ Width/ Height/ Wheelbase/ Weight: 9.45m / 2.35m /3.5m/4700mm/21000KG).

    4-The boom is manufactured by modern processing and has been developed with a lightweight boom structure. The full-shaft design of the boom is more stable than the conventional half-shaft boom. With the new 5RZ boom structure, the actual placing range is increased by 20%, which is more safer, reliable,convenient and flexible.
    33m Chassis Truck-mounted Concrete Pump

    5-The concrete pump truck is equipped with the largest volume hopper device. The feeding stroke is 1650MM×230MM, the pumping frequency can reach 22 times. The theoretical pumping quantity is 90m³ and the actual pumping quantity is 75m³. The concrete pump truck adopts open system with high and low pressure switching and large displacement hydraulic channel.The maintenance of accessories in the after-sale service is convenient.
    33m Chassis Truck-mounted Concrete Pump

    Technical Specifications

    33m Chassis Truck-mounted Concrete Pump-Cardetail

    Product advantages and features:
    1- The concrete pump truck adopts a full liquid-controlled reversing hydraulic system and replacement actions of the pumping and S-tube do not require electrical signals to participate. The reversing impact is small and the noise is low, which can significantly improve the service life of the hydraulic pump and the hydraulic valve, eliminating the intermediate link of the electronic control signal and greatly improving the operational reliability of the whole set of equipment.
    2- The pumping vehicle lubrication system adopts automatic multi-point lubrication technology. One-to-one lubrication effectively extends the service life of consumables.
    3- The pump's unique boom cushioning technology reduces the high-pressure peak of the system, ensuring that the boom vibration is reduced and the tailpipe is stable with high input. The swivel boom is safer and more flexible, with no blind side.X-shaped outriggers, short body to ensure stability.Outriggers can be placed in  narrow space to meet the needs of rural township construction.
    4-At the same time, the high and low pressure switching technology of pump makes the oitput of pumping more convenient and environmentally friendly; Large diameter conveying cylinder realizes the good performance of absorbing raw materials. Large  pumping flow improved working efficiency.
    5-Product application: housing construction; water construction; tunnel ,bridges, road construction; factory and floors construction, railway bridges construction.
    6-A variety of dedicated chassis are available. Our 33m, 37m, 44m, 47m, 52m pump trucks and 33m, 38m mixing pump trucks are favored by our peers in the construction industry at home and abroad.

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  • Shanghai SMAC Industrial Co., Ltd., which is located in Shanghai, is a leading supplier of offering professional equipment and advanced technology for buildings, roads and other infrastructures.

    We specialize in export trade and our product engineers have more than ten years of production experience. Each product will be handled by a corresponding engineer to deal with after-sales problems as soon as possible. We have also established a dedicated logistics team to serve African clients.

    Our products are exported to Southeast Asia, Russia, Australia, Europe, Africa etc.. May our cooperation bring you the greatest value.
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Basic Information

  • Industrial Machinery-Engineering Machinery-Excavating Machinery
  • 2019-03-14
  • Road Machinery, Heavy lifting equipment, Mixing plants, Concrete equipment, Electric generator, Brick press, etc.
  • Southeast Asia , Russia, Australia, Europe, Africa etc.
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