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  • Cangzhou Zhongshuo Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

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PVC-U pipe

  • FOB Price : US $Inquiry
  • MOQ: 1000Pieces
  • Port : Tianjin Port, China
  • Payment Terms : T/T,L/C
  • Production Capacity: 100,000pcs/ Year


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  • Packaging Details:Wooden box
  • Origin:China
  • Model Number:NULL
  • Brand Name:Zhongshuo

Product Description

  • Pvc-U Electrical Casing Pipe for Construction
    PVC-U electrical casing pipe for construction is made of PVC resin as the main raw material, adding various stabilizers and other additives.It is widely used in electric power, telecommunications, cable burial etc.
    PVC-U Water Supply Pipes Series
    Features of PVC-U Water Supply Pipes Series:

    The PVCU water supply pipes uses PVC resin as the main raw material, and adds the appropriate amount of additives. It is not allowed to add plasticizer to the mixture to ensure the hygienic and stable material performance.The pipe has the characteristics of high hydraulic strength resistance, good internal and external wall smoothness, small fluid resistance, good sanitary performance which will not cause secondary pollution to water quality, light weight, convenient installation, long service life and low comprehensive cost. Drinking water and other uses of water at temperatures below 45 °C can be delivered within the applicable pressure range of the specified pipe.

    1. Light weight, convenient for handling and operation.
    2. Excellent corrosion resistance. It has excellent acid, alkali and corrosion resistance and is suitable for chemical industry applications.
    3. Little fluid resistance. The inner wall of the pipe is smooth and its roughness coefficient is only 0.009. The small fluid resistance effectively improves the hydraulic conditions of the pipe network and reduces the operating cost of the system.
    4. High mechanical strength. The pipe has good pressure resistance, impact resistance and tensile strength resistance.
    5. Simple operation. It is quick and easy for installation and construction engineering costs are low.
    6. Low cost. Favorable price,convinent installation, long service life.
    7. It would not affect water quality. The dissolution test proves that it does not affect the water quality and is suitable for large-scale application.

    Product application area:
    1. Indoor water supply system for civil buildings and industrial buildings.
    2. Buried water supply system in residential quarters and factory areas.
    3. Urban water supply pipeline system.
    4. Water treatment plant, water treatment pipeline system.
    5. Marine aquaculture industry.
    6. Engineering operation(garden irrigation, shaft sinking) and other industrial pipes.

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