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  • Shanghai SMAC Industrial Co., Ltd.

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China National Heavy Duty Truck HOWO 12m³ Concrete Mixer Truck

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  • MOQ: 1Pieces
  • Port : Shanghai Port, China
  • Payment Terms : T/T,L/C
  • Production Capacity: 10,000 pcs/Year


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  • Packaging Details:Wooden box
  • Origin:China
  • Model Number:12m³
  • Brand Name:SMAC

Product Description

  • China National Heavy Duty Truck HOWO 14m³,15m³ Concrete Mixer Truck can be customized.
    China National Heavy Duty Truck HOWO 12m³ Concrete Mixer Truck
    Concrete Mixer Truck Instruction:
    1. Place the mixer handle in the "stop" position before starting the concrete mixer truck.
    2. After starting the engine, the mixing drum should be rotated at low speed for about 10 minutes to allow the hydraulic oil temperature to rise above 20 °C to work.
    3. Before loading concrete mixer, mixing drum should be should be reversed, and the water and debris should be discharged to ensure the quality of the concrete.
    4. When transporting concrete, the concrete mixer truck should ensure that the bucket is placed firmly to prevent swinging due to looseness, so as not to injure pedestrians or affect the normal operation of other vehicles on road.
    5. When the mixer truck transports the mixed concrete, the speed of the mixing drum is 2-10 r/min. During the transportation process, the speed of the mixing drum on the flat road surface is guaranteed to be 2-3 r/min. When driving on the road whose slope is greater than 50 degree or uneven road, we suggest to stop the stirring and rotating process, and then restart the process after the road condition is improved.
    6. The time required to transport the concrete by the mixer truck must not exceed the time specified by the mixing station. On the way to transport concrete, the mixing drum should not stop for a long time to prevent segregation of concrete. The driver should observe the concrete situation from time to time, and notify the dispatching room in time for the abnormality.
    7. When there is concrete in the mixer truck, the stay time on the site shall not exceed one hour. If the timeout expires, the person in charge of the site shall be required to promptly handle it.
    8. The concrete slump of the mixer truck shall not be less than 8cm. When the temperature is high, the concrete must be discharged for more than 2 hours. In rainy days, it should not exceed 2.5 hours.
    9. Before discharging the concrete, the mixing drum should be rotated at 10-12 r/min for 1 minute.
    10. Immediately flush the feeding part, the discharge hopper and the discharge part with hose to remove the dirt and remaining concrete adhering to the body after the concrete mixer truck has finished discharging. And then filling the mixing drum with 150- 200L clear water and rotating the mixing drum slowly to clean the inner wall and prevent debris from sticking to the wall and blade. And pull out water before loading the concrete again.
    11. In the process of transporting, the engine speed should be in the range of 1000-1400 rpm in order to maximize the torque of the engine.The speed of the vehicle must not exceed 40km/h to ensure safe driving.
    12. After the cement mixer has finished working, the inside of the mixing drum and the body should be cleaned, and the remaining concrete should not be left in the cylinder.
    13. Avoid idling the pump and do not use it for more than 15 minutes in continuous use.
    14. The water volume of the concrete mixer tank should be kept full for emergency use. In the winter, the water in the tank, pump, pipe and mixing drum should be drained, and the car should be parked in a sunny place without water to avoid freezing the machinery.
    15. The mixer truck should be installed with insulation jacket and antifreeze in winter. Replace the fuel mark according to weather changes to ensure the normal use of the machine.
    16. The hydraulic drive section of the cement mixer should be inspected and repaired while the engine and hydraulic pump are stopped.

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  • Shanghai SMAC Industrial Co., Ltd., which is located in Shanghai, is a leading supplier of offering professional equipment and advanced technology for buildings, roads and other infrastructures.

    We specialize in export trade and our product engineers have more than ten years of production experience. Each product will be handled by a corresponding engineer to deal with after-sales problems as soon as possible. We have also established a dedicated logistics team to serve African clients.

    Our products are exported to Southeast Asia, Russia, Australia, Europe, Africa etc.. May our cooperation bring you the greatest value.
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  • 2019-03-14
  • Road Machinery, Heavy lifting equipment, Mixing plants, Concrete equipment, Electric generator, Brick press, etc.
  • Southeast Asia , Russia, Australia, Europe, Africa etc.
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