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  • Shanghai SMAC Industrial Co., Ltd.

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  • Location: China-Shanghai-Pudongxin-Block A, Lane 1088, Zhouhai Road, Gaoxing Town
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Asphalt Mixing Plant

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  • Port : Shanghai Port, China
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  • Production Capacity: 10,000 pcs/Year


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  • Packaging Details:Wooden box
  • Origin:China
  • Model Number:whole series
  • Brand Name:SMAC

Product Description

  • 1. Efficient: The production capacity ranges from 80 tons to 400 tons per hour. The modular design enables convenient installation and maintenance.Moreover, the modular design makes it easy to assemble, disassemble and transport.
    2. Stable: The whole set of equipment can be controlled manually, semi-automatically and fully automatically by industrial PC-Based / PLC-Based controls. It has unlimited recipes with parameters for flexible production of various mixes, free-fall correction for all components, and several functions of dynamic tracking of asphalt-aggregate dynamic ratio, automatic fault diagnosis, alarm and real-time printing.
    3. Environmental protection: inertial filter + pulse jet bag filter is adopted to ensure strict environmental standards. Dust can be recycled, noise,smoke and dust emissions are within national industry standards. It is suitable for urban and field construction.
    4. Energy saving: The total power of the equipment is low, and the fuel consumption rate per ton of mixed materials is less than 6.5kg, which creates considerable economic benefits for users.
    Asphalt Mixing Plant
    1)Batching system
    Each silo is fed by a belt controlled by a variable frequency speed control motor and hardened tooth surface gear reducer. Special anti-jamming anti-wear design with wear-resistant rib belt for safe, reliable operation and long service life. It also equipped with feeding alarm system.
    2)Aggregate heating and drying system
    The drying drum drive uses four motors and a hardened gear reducer to connect with the four idlers, and the drum is operated by friction. The structure is compact, the transmission efficiency is high, and the transmission is stable. A guide plate for heat exchange between the aggregate and the flame is sequentially disposed in the drum to achieve sufficient heat exchange in the drum. Burners using  medium  atomization technology can burn diesel, heavy oil and residual oil. The use of compressed gas and fuel blending atomization can adapt to fuels with poor fluidity. The adjustment ratio is 10:1. The burner has the feature of energy saving, low noise and automatic proportional control.
    3)Dedusting System
    The dedusting system provides first-stage gravity dust collector and  2-stage bag-type dust collector in German technology, which saves the floor space.  A filter bag made of DuPont's NOMEX material could decrease the dust concentration of less than 25 mg/Nm3. The system is equipped with over temperature protection.
    4)Mixing tower
    The mixing tower adopts double shaft vibrating screen in German technology. The double shaft vibrating screen is placed outside the screen body, and the bearing developed specifically for vibrating screen applications are used with positive grease lubrication, which is very convenient for maintenance. The screen is fixed by hook springs, which makes the replacement of the screen fast and convenient. The hot mix storage silo is equipped with a heat preservation system, and adopts two times weighing method to realize the stone material from the initial weighing to the accurate weighing, and the automatic spatter error correction control method is effective to reduce the spatter material difference. For the large tonnage materials, the double aggregate scale is used for simultaneous measurement, which not only ensures the accuracy but also improves the efficiency. The mixer adopts double hardened tooth surface gear reducer with gear synchronization in European technology. The imported weighing devices has high weighing accuracy and can meet the requirements of road construction. The rotary discharge door is operated by double cylinders, with short discharge time and good sealing effect. The lining and the blade are made of high-strength wear-resistant cast iron, and can reach 105 batches in the service life.
    5)Finished material storage system
    The finished material storage system has bottom-mounted and side-mounted options for users to choose.The bottom-mounted storage system consists of a storage bin, a waste bin, a transport trolley or a guiding mechanism. The features of the storage system is compact structure, saving floor space and energy.The side-mounted storage system consists of a lifting rail, a lifting trolley, a waste bin and a finished material storage bin. The side-mounted storage system is jointly controlled by the frequency converter, photoelectric encoder and proximity switch, and the hoisting drive motor is controlled by forced air cooling and frequency conversion.The storage wall is made of 100mm stone wool for heat preservation, and the pneumatic control discharge door is made of hot oil heater to ensure it can be switched freely.
    6)Control System
    The hardware part of the complete mixing equipment control system includes control room, PC console, programmable logic controller (PLC) with German SIEMENS components, electric drive cabinet, power cable and accessories, control cables and accessories, air conditioning, etc. The software part contains the production process of Beite Heavy Industry Asphalt Mixing Equipment: Unit Controller Software.The control technology is based on the PLC technology of SIEMENS in Germany. The whole process of asphalt mixture production process can realize automatic control, semi-automatic control and manual control. It can be produced in strict accordance with the engineering construction formula requirements, and the animation shows the process flow. Parameter setting and modification are all done by computer. It has unlimited recipes with parameters for flexible production of various mixes, free-fall correction for all components, and several functions of  time adjustment, calibration,dynamic tracking of asphalt-aggregate dynamic ratio, automatic fault diagnosis, alarm and real-time printing.

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  • Shanghai SMAC Industrial Co., Ltd., which is located in Shanghai, is a leading supplier of offering professional equipment and advanced technology for buildings, roads and other infrastructures.

    We specialize in export trade and our product engineers have more than ten years of production experience. Each product will be handled by a corresponding engineer to deal with after-sales problems as soon as possible. We have also established a dedicated logistics team to serve African clients.

    Our products are exported to Southeast Asia, Russia, Australia, Europe, Africa etc.. May our cooperation bring you the greatest value.
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  • Industrial Machinery-Engineering Machinery-Excavating Machinery
  • 2019-03-14
  • Road Machinery, Heavy lifting equipment, Mixing plants, Concrete equipment, Electric generator, Brick press, etc.
  • Southeast Asia , Russia, Australia, Europe, Africa etc.
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