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AD-2280 Regular walk through metal detector

  • FOB Price : US $enquiry
  • MOQ: 1Pieces
  • Port : Available in any ports in China
  • Payment Terms : T/T,L/C
  • Production Capacity: 10,000pcs/ Year


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  • Basic Info
  • Company Profile
  • Packaging Details:Wooden box
  • Origin:Shenyang, China
  • Model Number:AD-2280
  • Brand Name:Jingteng

Product Description

  • The body is made of special synthetic material.Provides extra foot covers when secured to the top and botton of a AD-2280 walk through digital metal detector,which are waterproof, fireproof and anticorrosive.It is suitable for the safety inspection of dangerous goods such as knives and guns, etc. It is widely used in public security bureaus, procuratorates, courts, judicial bureaus, rail transit, electronics companies, prisons, entertainment venues, and large-scale event security. Flying object detection function can prevent long-range throwing (passing) of prohibited items to avoid inspection by security personnel;it has intelligent discrimination functions which is able to all distinguish metals, ferromagnetics and non-ferromagnetic objects; 6/12/18 detection areas can be freely divided to accurately determine the metal items of the location.With operating frequencies of 2,000, it can automatically identify the surrounding environment interference frequency and make corresponding adjustments, which can effectively reduce the difficulty of equipment adjustment. It can set the automatic elimination function of small metals to effectively reduce false alarms and improve the security inspection pass rate. Built-in shortcut settings for more than 11 application sites can set different ringtones; It has the function of automatic fault diagnosis at startup; it has the function of counting the number of people entering and leaving and can accurately judge the rationality of the entrance and exit settings; The product has ultra-high sensitivity, adjustable from 0 to 3999 levels; if the paper clip is placed in the mouth, waist, soles, and back, it can be accurately and quickly detected; the mainframe is less than 35cm, and the integrated motherboard design can be quickly and easily installed without any tools.

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  • Shenyang Tengxiang Police Equipment  Co. , Ltd. was established in May 2019. It is a professional company specializing in the sales of police and security equipment, drones and police clothing. Since its establishment, the company has maintained good business cooperation relations with the provincial public security bureaus, procuratorates, courts and other units, and has close product technical support cooperation relationships with nearly a hundred domestic police and security equipment companies.

    Our Products include computer software, hardware and auxiliary equipment, information system integration services, law enforcement equipment, police protective equipment, counter-terrorism equipment, security inspection and explosion-proof equipment, communication equipment, fire rescue equipment, road traffic facilities, warning lamps, drones and accessories , uniform and other products.

    The company always upholds the corporate tenet of "people-oriented, integrity first" and the business philosophy of "customer first, service first", with its excellent quality of "integrity, flexibility, innovation, collaboration". Taking continuous innovation as the company's development goals and adhering to self-reliance and scientific development, our company will provide high-quality services to customers and partners.
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