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  • Xinxiang Lifeierte Filter Corp.,Ltd

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pall High-flow water filter cartridge

  • FOB Price : US $500
  • MOQ: 1Pieces
  • Port : 1
  • Payment Terms : Money Order
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  • Model Number:HFU620UY700J
  • Brand Name:pall

Product Description

  • Replacement Pall high-flow cartridges are made of deep fine polypropylene or glass fiber membrane as filter media, with a large diameter of 6 inches / 152mm, no center rod, unidirectional opening, and specially designed to flow the liquid from the inside to the outside, ensuring that all contaminant particles are trapped inside the cartridge. The ultra-high flow rate design allows for a significant reduction in the use of cartridges and filters for the same flow rate application, resulting in significant savings in equipment investment costs and labor costs.


    Applications: RO pre-filtration, seawater desalination pretreatment; power plant condensate filtration; biopharmaceutical industry API, solvent, water filtration, etc.

    Filtration media :Water suspended matter, particulate matter, water dirt, bacteria and algae, rust, etc.


    Product Features

    1The combination of surface filtration and deep filtration can significantly reduce the number of cartridges and significantly reduce the size of the supporting filter shell compared with ordinary cartridges.

    2The filter layer is made of high-efficiency and low-resistance material, which can achieve more than 99% of ultra-high filtration efficiency and prolong the service life of the filter cartridge.

    3The design of convenient handle significantly reduces the time of cartridge replacement and makes cartridge replacement simple and portable.

    4The overall polypropylene design and hot melt welding treatment effectively prevent the end cap from falling off and secondary pollution.

    5The design of sealed interface reduces the risk of bypass flow and ensures the sealing and reliability of filtration.

    6The folded design increases the filtering area and makes the pressure drop significantly lower than that of ordinary cartridge.

    7. The design of large diameter increases the dirt holding capacity, prolongs the service life and reduces the production cost

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  • Xinxiang Lifeierte Filter Corp., Ltd was situated in Xinxiang city, Henan province, China. (Stock name: Xinxiang Filter, Stock No. 837936, trade mark: LEFILTER) is specialized in researching, developing and manufacturing Hydraulic Filtration, Water Filtration, Air Filtration and other special equipment for environmental protection since 2008. And certified according to DIN ISO 9001 + ISO 14001 + ISO 45001,CE ,ect.


    LEFILTER has signed long-term industry-university-research strategic cooperation agreements with major universities and colleges to help the government solve 500+ jobs. The company strives for development by science and technology as well as innovation, and keeps the tradition of investing 5% of the annual sales revenue in R&D to shape the high-quality brand for environmental protection equipment. And established our own QC&QA with 69 technical engineers, totaling 114 authorized patents and 17 technical qualifications.


    We insist on purifying environment, serving the society, managing with integrity and pursuing excellence, and are committed to providing systematic solutions for customers and building the data information platform over 70,000 customers at large. The products mainly serve in such fields as Steel & Metallurgy, Power generation & nuclear power , Oil & Gas, Chemical, Mining, Petrochemical, Auto engine & engineering,Pulp &Paper, Food and Beverage, Water Treatment,ect. We provide one-stop service for the global customers in a quick response mechanism throughout the whole selling process.



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