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Junty Industries Ltd.

Junty Industries Ltd. 

Seal Face , Silicon Carbide , Tungsten Carbide , Carbon Graphite , Mechanical Seal

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  • Contact: Mr.Zhang
  • Phone:028-123456341
  • E-mail:FEWG@168.COM
  • Address:sichuansheng.chengdushi
Graphite Carbon Seal Rings for Machinery with ISO 9001

Graphite Carbon Seal Rings for Machinery with ISO 9001

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  • Production Capacity:
  •  US $1-50
  •  1-9 pcs
  •  Beijing, China
  •  T/T
  •  50, 000/Year


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Basic Info

  • Packaging Details:Standard or as The Client`S Require
  • Delivery Details:Standard or as The Client`S Require
  • Origin:China
  • Model Number:SSIC SIC Graphite carbon
  • Brand Name:Junty
  • Product Type: Rotary Seal
  • Color:silver
  • Style:O-Ring

Product Description

  • Silicon Carbide (SiC) is one of the most popular high performance tribo-materials, which has been commercially available for more than twenty-five years. Its features include:

    · Excellent abrasion and wear resistance
    · Excellent corrosion resistance
    · Low coefficient of friction
    · Low coefficient of thermal expansion
    · High thermal conductivity
    · Hardness greater than Tungsten Carbide

    Different grades of Silicon Carbide are available as following:
    · Reaction Bonded Silicon Carbide (RB SiC) - a very economical material which gives excellent wear characteristics, as well as good chemical resistance.
    · Sintered Silicon Carbide (SSiC) - the absence of free silicon makes it most resistant to chemically-aggressive fluids, and ideal for high temperature applications.
    · Graphite-Loaded Silicon Carbide - this is a composite of silicon carbide and free graphite. Graphite is added to RB SiC (RB SiC + C) or SSiC (SSiC + C), to improve tribological behavior by enhanced lubricity.

    ParameterUnitRB SiCSSiC
    Densityg/cm33.0 - 3.053.1
    Free Silicon Content-12%-
    Crystal Sizeμm8 - 205 - 7
    HardnessRockwellHRA 90HRA 93
    Compressive StrengthMPa27003000
    Flexural StrengthMPa400400
    Fracture ToughnessMPa4.34.5
    Elastic ModulusGPa390410
    Poisson's Ratio-0.150.15
    Coefficient of Thermal Expansion1 x 10-6 / K4.34.3

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