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Zhejiang Wanhao Machine Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Wanhao Machine Science and Technology Co., Ltd. 

Generator , Engine , High Pressure Washer , Water Pump , Welder

    Contact Information

  • Contact Person: Ms. James Gu
  • Phone:86-576-84057977
  • E-mail:James
  • Address: ChinaZhejiangTaizhou
Zhejiang Wanhao Machine Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
Patented Motor Designs 

We are one of the few companies in mainland China that has patents on its motor designs. That means you won' T have problems with IP protection laws when you source our power generators, water pumps, pressure washers and other motor-driven items, even in strict regions such as North America and Europe. 

Wanhao has won over many customers around the world because we offer competitive prices and are dedicated to craftsmanship and quality. Some of our valued customers include Home Depot, GMC, Electrolux and TTi. We have EPA 2005 Motor Year Certification and CE certification. 

A Variety of Production Capabilities 

Our company designs and manufactures general purpose gasoline engines from 2.6HP to 13.5HP, gasoline generators from 1kW to 6kW, water pumps from 1.5 inches to 4 inches, and pressure washers at 1800PSI, 2500PSI and 2700PSI. 

Emphasis on Quality Control 

Much of Wanhao' S success is due to our extensive Quality Control Department. Our 30 QC staff carefully perform inspections at every stage of production, from the time we receive raw materials to packaging. Noise, power, and stability are tested to ensure that our engines can endure 580 hours of constant use. Our management system is approved under ISO 9001: 2000, and we have CE product approval. 


We' Ll print custom logos and product documentation in your language, and provide spare parts for easily worn down components. We also can design and deliver OEM/ODM samples in one month. You can discuss your requirements with our English-speaking staff.