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  • Dongguan JLS Precision Mold Parts Co.,Ltd.

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Precision Tungsten Carbide Punch Precision Mould Components- buying leads

Precision Tungsten Carbide Punch Precision Mould Components

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  • Precision Tungsten Carbide Punch Precision Mould Components

    JLS always listen to customers'requests and imported high quality and certified tungsten carbide from reputable companies. As proven, our tungsten carbide always has excellent hardness, outstanding wear&corrosion resistance. Our clients will benefit from greater productivity and efficiency through increased life-span of tungsten wear parts. We import advanced facilities and employ experienced staff to make sure our products approach extremely close to tolerance (up to 0.001mm). we pay close attention to the whole manufacturing process and report to customers, respond to customers' inquiries within 24 hours, providing reliable and outstanding services.

    JLS precision produces quality, tight tolerance tungsten carbide bushings, steel and carbide soldered bushings at prices 10%-20% lower than our competitors. We understand 100% accuracy, outstanding service, and rapid delivery save our customers time. Through the years we have gained a reputation for providing reliable products with satisfactory customer service. We are the direct factory in China, using tungsten carbide with hardness up to 88-92HRA. Grades such as WF30, WF20, KG7 or specified by customers. The mirror surface is supported. We perform 100% inspection to each product to make sure every piece of products is perfect with flawless surfaces when delivery to customers.

    Our inspection facilities:
    Nikon Digimicro Stand
    MD100 Round test
    Mitutoyo Digimatic Micrometer
    CGl0-150: Vernier Caliper
    Mitutoyo Internal Micrometers
    Easson Profile Projector
    Test Gauge
    Block Gage
    Concentricity Tester
    Roundness Tester
    Mitutoyo Indicating Micrometer
    Coordinate Measuring Machine

    Production equipment:
    Middle-Speed EDM Machine              2
    EDM Cutting Machine                         2
    CNC Lathe                                            2
    Surface Grinding Machine                   6
    Internal Grinding Machine                  2
    Centerless Grinding Machine              3
    Punch Grinding Machine                     9
    Typed-15 Desktop Lathe                      2
    Typed-15 Desktop Lathe                      1

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Precision Tungsten Carbide Punch Precision Mould Components - buying leads
Precision Tungsten Carbide Punch Precision Mould Components - buying leads
Precision Tungsten Carbide Punch Precision Mould Components - buying leads
Precision Tungsten Carbide Punch Precision Mould Components - buying leads
Precision Tungsten Carbide Punch Precision Mould Components - buying leads
  •  Dongguan JLS Precision Mold Parts Co.,Ltd has been devoted to producing precision tungsten carbide mold components for more than 20 years. Our products covers precision tungsten punch and die, bushings, die buttons, carbide rod, ejector pins,core pins, and special shaped punches & dies according to customers'drawings. We are serving industries such as automobile parts metal stamping, plastic m...More >

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  • Machining-Machine Tool -Machine Tool Fittings
  • JLS
  • 2004-08-05
  • manufacturing enterprise
  • JLS is highly capable of producing precision tungsten carbide punches, buttons, bushings, ejector pins, mold components according to your specific CAD drawing. Our certified raw material is imported from reputable companies CB-CERATIZIT, Kennametal, or other specified. Tungsten carbide is of excellent toughness, wear&corrosion resistance. The increased life of Super-hard tungsten carbide can offer greater productivity through improved performance. Our products reach extremely close tolerances up to 0.001mm through continuous efforts over the past 20 years. Moreover, the inner hole surface and outside surface can be processed with mirror surface grinding. TiN, TiCN, TiAlN coating, and PG grinding can be processed with tungsten and fine polishing before coating and after the coating is available.
  • Europe,Japan,South-east Asia,Canada, United States,South America,
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