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  • China-Lutong Parts Plant

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bosch car nozzle DLLA148P1688/0 433 172 034 for Audi- buying leads

bosch car nozzle DLLA148P1688/0 433 172 034 for Audi

  • Price : US $14
  • MOQ: 1/Piece(s)
  • Post Time: 2018-07-21 00:53:35
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  • bosch car nozzle DLLA148P1688/0 433 172 034 for Audi
    Fuel: Diesel

    Component: Auto Nozzle
    Stroke: 4 Stroke
    Fuel Saver Type: Solid-fuel Catalyst and Air Aeration
    Weight: 0.04kg
    Stamping Number: DLLA148P1688
    Specification: 1.5cm * 7cm
    HS Code: 8409999990
    Car Make: Yutong Bus, Kinglong Passenger Car
    Body Material: Steel
    Certification: ISO9001, TS16949
    Cylinder: Multi-cylinder
    Carburettor Type: Horizontal Draught
    Needle Color: Black
    Warranty: 12 Months
    Application for Injector: 0455120110, 0445120292
    Transport Package: 1 PC/Plastic Tube, 10 PCS/Box
    Origin: China

    Today’s engines are extremely durable, and last much longer than their forebears, but anything mechanical eventually wears out. If your engine is consuming oil because of worn rings or valve guides, down on power because of poor ring and valve seal and worn cam lobes, or has low oil pressure, a complete overhaul may be in order. You can choose to go with a remanufactured engine, or restore your existing power plant with an engine rebuild kit.

    NozzleP common rail093400-8640DLLA145P864
    NozzleP common rail093400-7150DLLA157P715
    NozzleP common rail0 433 175 449DSLA128P1510
    NozzleP common rail093400-8700DLLA145P870
    NozzleP common rail093400-1024DLLA145P1024
    NozzleP common rail095000-5601DLLA158P844
    NozzleP common rail105019-1540DLLA154PN270
    NozzleP common rail0 433 175 414DSLA146P1409+
    NozzleP common rail0 433 175 271DSLA143P970
    NozzleP common rail970950-0547DLLA158P854
    NozzleP common rail0 433 175 395DSLA154P1320
    NozzleP common rail0 433 175 163DSLA156P736
    NozzleP common rail0 433 171 831DLLA146P1339
    NozzleP common rail0 433 175 203DSLA136P804
    NozzleP common rail0 433 171 654DLLA150P1011
    NozzleP common rail093400-8750DLLA145P875
    NozzleP common rail093400-8720DLLA148P872
    NozzleP common rail0 433 172 203DLLA118P2203
    NozzleP common rail0 433 172 111DLLA152P1819
    NozzleP common rail0 433 171 991DLLA150P1622
    NozzleP common rail0 433 175 510DSLA128P5510
    NozzleP common rail0 433 175 309DSLA143P1058
    NozzleP common rail0 433 171 974DLLA142P1595
    NozzleP common rail0 433 171 712DLLA156P1107
    NozzleP common rail0 433 175 470DSLA124P1659
    NozzleP common rail093400-8840DLLA153P884
    NozzleP common rail0 433 171 562DLLA155P822
    NozzleP common rail0 433 171 860DLLA158P1385
    NozzleP common rail0 433 175 390DSLA124P1309
    NozzleP common rail0 433 171 800DLLA153P1270

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bosch car nozzle DLLA148P1688/0 433 172 034 for Audi - buying leads
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  • Industrial Machinery-Engineering Machinery-Others
  • Eliza
  • Fuel Injection Device
  • 1992-06-01
  • manufacturer
  • We are a manufacturer specialist in diesel injection parts for about 25years.We adjust our step ,indraught the advanced producing technics and high precision equipment to improve our quality with the opportunity and challenge brought by WTO.The quality of us is in the advance in our field. Our majored products is Ve Pump and the interrelated products (such as Head Rotor,Feed Pump ,Cam Plate, Drive Shaft , Manget Valve , etc.),Plunger(A ,AS,P,PS7100,P8500,MW type, etc.) ,Nozzle (Dn,DNOPDN,S,SN,PN and so on.),Delivery Valve,Cat Pencil Nozzle, Head Rotor Lucas.
  • Americas,Africa,Asia,Caribbean,America,Europe,Midd
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