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  • Dongguan yiyuan diesel generator co. LTD

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New dongfeng cummins/DCEC diesel generator set- buying leads

New dongfeng cummins/DCEC diesel generator set

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  • Introduction of new dongfeng cummins diesel generator set:
        As the largest foreign investor in China's engine industry, cummins has manufacturing companies in China, such as chongqing cummins engine co., LTD (producing series B, C, L) and dongfeng cummins engine co., LTD (producing series M, N, K). The products comply with ISO 3046, ISO 4001, ISO 8525, IEC 34-1, GB1105, GB/T 2820, CSH 22-2, VDE 0530 and YD/T 502-2000 technical requirements for communications special diesel generators. Cummins diesel generator set is officially authorized by cummins. It has better performance, better quality and better service in the same kind of products. Therefore, it is very popular with the majority of users.

    The advantages of cummins generating set
    1) the design, production and testing of the unit fully conforms to GB/ t2820-97 national standard.
    2) cummins engine, advanced technology, reliable performance, long service life.
    3) the motor excitation system can enable the unit to recover the frequency fluctuation rapidly with any instantaneous load.
    4) low electrical motor design makes the waveform distortion under nonlinear load extremely small and has good starting motor capability.
    5) cummins guarantees the quality of the whole series of products.
    6) cummins establishes a nationwide professional service network to provide customers with 24-hour after-sales service and spare parts supply.

    Standard configuration of cummins generator:
    Engine: cummins 4 stroke diesel engine
    Motor: Stanford/marathon brushless ac motor
    Control system: a special controller for the unit with microprocessor as the core
    Starting system: the engine starts with dc motor
    Short circuit protection: MCCB air switch
    Cooling system: on-line cooling water tank that meets the requirement of 40oC ambient temperature for cooling
    Filter system: cummins oil, fuel and air filters
    Accessories: exhaust elbow, bellows, muffler, etc

    Customers pay for accessories:
    1. ATS automatic control cabinet
    2. Multi-unit grid-connected control cabinet
    3. Mobile power station or mobile trailer
    4. Low noise and noise reduction box
    5. Rainproof enclosure
    6. Base or independent oil tank 
    The company's warehouse also has a large number of high-quality second-hand diesel generator sets, the company can provide different voltage, different frequency unit changes and customization, if you want to know more, you can inquire or inquire by phone.
    The unit typeoutput power(kw)Current(A)engine modelNumber of cylindersBore stroke(mm)displacement(L)Specific fuel consumption g/kw.hsize(mm) L×W×Hweight (kg)
    Technical parameters of dongfeng cummins diesel generator set

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New dongfeng cummins/DCEC diesel generator set - buying leads
New dongfeng cummins/DCEC diesel generator set - buying leads
New dongfeng cummins/DCEC diesel generator set - buying leads
New dongfeng cummins/DCEC diesel generator set - buying leads
New dongfeng cummins/DCEC diesel generator set - buying leads
  •      Yiyuan diesel generator co., LTD. Is a company integrating the assembly production of new diesel generators and the sales of second-hand diesel generators. Yiyuan company is a professional diesel generator manufacturer and one of the early manufacturers of diesel generator sets in China. With first-class testing equipment, advanced production technology, professional manufacturing te...More >

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