Daily News

  • Website:http://www.iol.co.za/dailynews
  • Country:South Africa
  • Daily Subscription: < 5000
  • Daily Visitor Volume: 10001-15000
  • Target Visitors:Working: 55%; Self Employed: 20%
  • Industry: Media 
  • Sex Ratios:Male:57% , Female:43%
  • Age: 15-24y/o:14% , 25-34y/o:22.0% , 35-49y/o:26.0% , 50-65y/o:38.0%
  • Preferences:authority and regards sports and entertainment
  • Brief Introduction:

    The best English read in KZN; Daily News publishes a strong mix of local, national and international news and features. It is fiercely independent, writes with authority and regards sports and entertainment as two key focus areas. In the words of the editor; “it’s warm, dependable, familiar and credible, enjoys a strong readership loyalty as a result and provides a vibrant platform for interactivity with readers. ”

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