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Mining Intelligent Visual Range Radio Remote Control System

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  • Port : Shanghai, China
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  • Production Capacity: OEM


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  • Basic Info
  • Company Profile
  • Packaging Details: Standard Packaging
  • Origin:China
  • Model Number:Visual range wireless remote control
  • Brand Name:OEM

Product Description

  • Basic Info
    • Model NO.: Visual range wireless remote control
    • Application: Mining Inteligent
    • Energy Saving: Energy Saving
    • Customized: Customized
    • Interface Configuration: 8 Road Ai, 24 Road Di
    • Specification: XR wireless transmission technology
    • HS Code: 8537101190
    • Type: Mining Inteligent Remote System
    • Modulation: FM
    • Condition: New
    • Warranty: 1 Year
    • Trademark: OEM
    • Origin: Beijing
    Product Description
                   Mining Intelligent Visual Range Radio Remote Control System

    In order to improve production efficiency and safety, to meet the mining requirements of hazardous areas, to ensure personal safety, conservation of resources, to provide resource recovery and economic benefits, in a dangerous work area of large mining machinery and equipment, safe distance remote control operation is particularly important. We provide a professional remote control solution. The operator carries a wireless remote control with video display, from the mine within a certain range (100 meters), the device to achieve a variety of functional action. In the visual remote control mode, the handle operating unit and the locomotive running unit directly through the point to point to establish a proprietary communication link, mainly used in the field of visual control within the remote control mode of operation:
    Visual range remote control system included FYF40 Mine intrinsically safe remote control transmitter, FYS40 mine intrinsically safe car radio receiver, Hydraulic system unit, Electrical system unit.
    1.FYF40 Mine intrinsically safe remote control transmitter

    Technical parameters of FYF40 Mine intrinsically safe remote control transmitter:
    Mine safety certificateKFA140027
    Coal safety certificateMFA130295 
    Operating voltageDC12.8V  
    Working current≤ 140mA
    Wireless communication distance≥ 40m
    Battery typeRechargeable lithium battery
    Battery capacity1400mA
    Interface configuration8 Road AI, 24 Road DI
    Wireless communication signal frequency433MHz/915MHz/2.4GHz
    Transmission speed rate1Mbps
    Display size7/9 inch
    CameraIP69K, Waterproof, Shockproof

    2.FYS40 mine intrinsically safe car radio receiver

    Technical parameters of FYS40 mine intrinsically safe car radio receiver:
    Mine safety certificateKFA140025
    Coal safety certificateMFA130296
    Operating voltageDC24V
    Working current≤ 100mA
    Wireless communication distance≥ 40m
    Wireless communication signal frequency2.4GHz
    Transmission speed rate1Mbps
    Interface configuration5 DI, 24 DO, 4 AI, 8 AO

    3.Hydraulic system unit

    Hydraulic system select to SUN, Rexroth, Norton and other international brands. The hydraulic system unit includes proportional and switching solenoid valves, pipe fittings, piping and tee accessories. The pressure system unit cooperates with the output control of the vehicle receiving unit to drive various movements of the machine.
    For example: forward / backward, turn left /turn right, up / down arm, loading / unloading material, throttle control, brake and so on.

    4.Electrical system unit
    Electrical interface unit and mechanical control box connected to control the remote control system power on or off, front and rear lights, engine start, engine maintenance and other functions. At the same time, the electrical interface unit includes a manual / remote switching knob to control the scraper to operate in manual or remote mode.
    Performance characteristics:
    Wireless remote control system model is complete, the interface is rich, professional equipment, remote control system customization and conversion of existing mining equipment to meet the needs of various types of mechanical remote control
    The products are allowed to use in the field of mining, with national certification coal safety certificate (MA), mine security certificate (KA), explosion proof certificate (Exd);
    Completely independent intellectual property rights, has been imitated, has never been beyond.
    Manual / remote free switching; it can be used for dangerous areas for unmanned ore, but also to meet the normal use of the normal stope.
    Based on the most advanced WLAN wireless communication network, you can achieve point-to-point visual range remote control (no need to lay out the network); can also achieve no communication distance limit remote control.
    Main application:
    Coal shearer, road header, mining scraper, mining slag machine, drilling machine, mine guniting bogie, mine loader, mining scaling jumbo, mining drill jumbo and working environment is poor, poses a personal safety hazardous area equipment. Extended application: Excavator, slag removal machine, crane, loader, concrete machinery, shield machine, etc. Application areas: mine, oil, railways, navigation, military, etc.
    Reliability and security
    The program in the selection of products to take full account of reliable, mature technology and products, remote control, the receiver has a national certification mine license. Remote control handle with imported handle in Germany, the use of OLED display can work in harsh environments. The design of the system has a long-term stable operation of the ability, high security and reliability, there is sufficient anti-interference ability. Fully consider redundant backup of critical equipment, critical data and logical links, as well as system automatic fault detection, discovery, alarm and recovery functions, improved system reliability.
    Openness and standardization
    The system uses open architecture, the use of standardized interfaces and protocols, with good scalability, system construction to comply with national and industry standards and norms, taking into account the system in the future time possible expansion, upgrades, major equipment and systems have a good Interconnection and interoperability.
    Advanced and practical
    The system adopts the international advanced technology and concept to design, adopt the domestic or international well-known manufacturer's hardware equipment, the system technical plan can maintain the long-term advanced position, and can adapt to the future science and technology development. Combined with the relevant business needs of practical job requirements, we are pay attention to the practicality of the system.
    Scalability and flexibility
    The system adopts structured design, simple structure, flexible configuration and full utilization of existing equipment resources. System control components using modular structure, wireless communication using Bluetooth, WIFI and other technical measures, the system to meet the existing functions based on the reserve of sufficient equipment to accommodate. The system is characterized by a new digital and network platform, highlighting its comprehensive, rich and extensible in application function, realizing modernization, intelligence, digitization and network management. And the system should be fully considered after built with other systems for seamless docking use of the feasibility. The system is characterized by a new digital and network platform, highlighting its comprehensive, rich and extensible in application function, realizing modernization, intelligence, digitization and network management. And the system should be fully considered after built with other systems for seamless docking use of the feasibility.
    We cooperate with the factory. We can either install a wireless remote control system on a new device or install and modify it on an old device.

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  • HOT Mining (hereafter "HOT") is a leading provider of mining, mineral processing and infrastructure to the resources industry.

    We provide engineering design, equipment supply, spare parts supply, project delivery and operations services for coal, iron ore, copper, gold, zinc, silver and other base metals.

    Professional Engineering Services

    We understand that engineering is most important of mining projects. Good engineering helps us to overcome the most complex of challenges, to reach the maximal recovery of concentrate, to be safety and health, and to protect environment better.


    HOT is leading in 3D engineering and intelligent operation in mineral processing, as well as cloud-computing based intelligent operation system.

    We focus on innovation and integrate those technologies to industrial practice. Now we have developed the "Intelligent System" successfully, which is an on-line & real-time operating management system for coal preparation plant (coal washing plant); And mineral processing plants' operation. It can also support decision making both for on-site managers and senior management who works far away from mine.

    Our engineering capability has been recognized by mining giants. Some of our clients are Anglo Gold Ashanti, Worley Parsons, China Shenhua, Caledon (Xstrata Coal - GRAM China) etc...


    HOT has already established branch or office in India, Iran, Chile and Turkey. And we're planning to set up a branch in Brisbane soon.

    Client Focus

    HOT helps our clients to convert your resources into true wealth; We are professional one-stop-shop of mining industry.
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