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  • Cangzhou Zhongshuo Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

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Pvc seven-hole plum pipe

  • FOB Price : US $Inquiry
  • MOQ: 1000Pieces
  • Port : Tianjin Port, China
  • Payment Terms : T/T,L/C
  • Production Capacity: 100,000pcs/ Year


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  • Packaging Details:Wooden box
  • Origin:China
  • Model Number:NUll
  • Brand Name:Zhongshuo

Product Description

  • Pvc seven-hole plum pipe is a kind of plum blossom-shaped communication pipe, made of pvc particles as the main material and other ingredients through a special mold. It's also called plum pipe and honeycomb pipe.

    It can directly be went through by optical fiber cables with its smooth inside wall to save time.  It has reasonable structure, high value and long service life.  And it is mainly used for communication cable sheathing pipes.

    How to use?
    1-The buried trench of the pipe shall be as straight as possible according to the design and operation requirements. If the trench bottom is uneven, a layer of sand can be paved.  Hard material in the trench shall be removed before burying the pipe.  At the beginning of pipe burying, the porous pipe shall be reserved for 10-15cm in the manhole for cable threading.  The sub-pipe exposed in the manhole shall be blocked, and it's strictly forbidden to mix foreign matters into the pipe when burying.
    2-Pipe connection: Place the pipe-like positioning bar upward, clean the outer wall of the pipe end, insert one socket, pad a thick board on the other end, and hammer the board to make the pipe socket in place.  At the other socket, insert another pipe into place and extend it to the next hole. In actual operation, the length of connection of multiple pipes is not necessarily the same as the length between manholes. In this case, the length of pipes should be measured according to the actual length between manholes and cut off with hacksaw  smoothly.
    3-If it's the fisrt time for you to install and use this product, you don't have to rush back to fill soil in the first section of the pavement, which means the distance between two manholes. Try through one or two holes with a cable threading device, and then continue after smooth operation.
    4-After laying the pipe, it shall be backfilled with fine sand or soil to cover the pipe, and the pipe shall not be suspended. It is forbidden to smash large stones and large dry clods onto the pipe.
    5-When the pipeline passes through the section severely damaged by external force, it is required to coat the joint hole with concrete to ensure its absolute safety.

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