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Isolation gown 1

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  • Post Time: 2020-07-06 03:38:43


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  • Material: 50g SMMS antibacterial non-woven fabric
    Specification: 170/ 175/ 180/ 185
    1- Medical operation: it is used for general isolation in outpatient room, ward and Laboratory of medical institution.
    2- Industrial operation: it is used for protection of powder spraying, harmful particles and limited splashing of low-hazardous liquid.
    Standard: CB19082-2009; CB15979-2002;
    Product advantages: anti-bacterial property, chemical resistant and water repellent

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Isolation gown 1 - buying leads
Isolation gown 1 - buying leads
Isolation gown 1 - buying leads
Isolation gown 1 - buying leads
Isolation gown 1 - buying leads
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