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Variable Frequency Constant Pressure Water Supply Equipment- buying leads

Variable Frequency Constant Pressure Water Supply Equipment

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  • Constant pressure water supply device
    It is a stabilized pressure water supply device, widely used in air-conditioner, heating equipment, water distribution systems and so on. It can replace traditional expansion water tank, reduce the pump start times, and absorb part of system water swelling capacity, be easy to supply water automatically, exhaust automatically, decompression automatically and automatical overvoltage protection and so on.

    operational principle 
    Constant pressure water supply device works depending on the system swelling characters. Its component parts mainly are capsule type constant pressure tank, pump, pressure switch, control cabinet, safety valve, underframe, connecting line and so on. When the system temperature and the water volume increase, the system pressure increases, and at this time some part of water enter into the capsule of capsule type constant pressure tank, then the capsule swells and compress the tank gas until the system pressure and tank pressure is balance. The gas expansion in tank presses the capsule water into system when the system water volumn is reduce,and system pressure falls. If the supplied water still can not meet the requirement of the water quantity needed by system, the pump start and supply water.  The electro connecting pressure gauge and control cabinet control the pump opening and closing. The electric connect has two setting pressure spot, one is pump starting pressure P1, and another is closing pressure P2, P1
    ,P2 is the lowest setting pressure spot and the maximum working pressure respectively. The control cabinet control the pump start and supply water to system after supplying water through capsule type constant pressure tank but the system pressure still can not reach P1, and the pump stop when it supplies water until the system pressure and tank pressure is greater than the P2.

    Constant pressure
    Air pressure tank precharge pressure 2~3 bar, constant pressure pump and pressure relief valve control the pressure and keep the change range in ±0.2bar. The swelling water flow in and flow out from constant pressure through two separated expansion pipeline.
    Exhausting gas
    During the exhausting process, high pressure circulating water enters into atmospheric tanks and after decompression ,gas and water separated, then the precipitated gas enter into atmosphere through exhaust valve.
    Supply water
    The water which is lost because of exhausting gas and pipeline leakage can be monitored constantly by control unit, and once it is lower than the setting value, it will supply water automatically. The water quantity in diaphragm tank is determined by water level sensor.
    The system water enter into basic tank because its temperature increasing result in pressure is very high, and when the basic tank water quantity exceed the preset value, it automatically drainage too much water in order to guarantee the tank will not undertake pressure.

    Performance characteristics
    1. Gas charging for one time can be used for long time, and user do not need to prepare for gas charging device.
    2. It is convenient to relocate and hide in order to reconstruct and enlarge project.
    3. Building speed is fast , construction and installation is easy, building time is short,and the construction cost is low.
    4. It can replace elevated tank and water tower, and it is benefit to structure earthquake-resistant .
    5. Reliable operation, maintenance is simple,and it is easy to management.
    6. It can weaken the water flowing noisy, the pipe resist force and the effective  of water hammer.
    7. For the electric control cabinet ,modern design ,complete function, automatical control and also can be operated by hand. The fire fighting device can be added the function that the pump make routing inspection automatically and regular to prevent from rusting.
    8. Water flows in closed system, and it is not easy to be contaminated.
    9. During engineering construction, it can be used in construction first, then used in engineering so that save temporory structure cost.
    Application area
    Industrial water supply, urban housing area, multi-storey and high-rise buildings, water supply and irrigation in countryside, military installations, railway, dock, construction site, building in earthquake area, fire fighting water supply ,boiler room, thermal substation and every kinds of low temperature hot water heating system. It also can transport clean water which temperature is lower than 80 ° and other liquid which physical and medical characteristic is same as clean water.

    Operation notice for control cabinet of submersible sewage pump
    The control cabinet has two starting method:manual operation and automatic operation;
    Return three position knob to manual position when the manual operation start, then press the related button to start or close.The pump running indicator light when the pump works.
    When it automatically works, the float switch and pressure testing equipment needs to be connected to control cabinet according to the connecting terminal ,then return the three position knob to automatic position. The open and start for automatic working accords to the float switch and the signal of pressure testing equipment; when the pool level is satisfy the condition, the system pressure is low, then the pump is started and added pressure; when the system pressure is high, the pump is closed; when the system works automatically, and the two pump are all in good condition, different pumps will be started by turns; when one pump is brokendown, another one will work automatically, and when pump overloads, the fault indicating lamp will light.

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Variable Frequency Constant Pressure Water Supply Equipment - buying leads
Variable Frequency Constant Pressure Water Supply Equipment - buying leads
Variable Frequency Constant Pressure Water Supply Equipment - buying leads
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