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High Quality MGO Board Magnesium Oxide Panel (SG016)- buying leads

High Quality MGO Board Magnesium Oxide Panel (SG016)

  • Price : US $US $6 / Piece
  • MOQ: 300 Piece/5
  • Post Time: 2017-09-30 02:53:52


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  • 1. Quality

    Our boards are in accordance with test requirement regulated in the standard of national

    GAI60-1998, standard of international ISO396-1-80and the standard of national

    Fire Prevention GB624-1997 JC688-1998. It is grand as a class non-flammable

    Material and the green products usable to replace many materials, such as paper

    Face plasterboard, plywood, and plaster board.

    2. Performance

    Our board is made of non-flammable materials, alkali endured epoxy glass cloth, and

    Perlite. It is manufactured by using special craft through totally automatic
    Production line.

    The board features being green, free from smell and poison, non-flammable, free from smog, high intensity, light quality, sound insulation, heat preservation, waterproof, fireproof.

    Free from freezing and erosion, minuteness expanding & shrinking ration, free from crack and distortion, convenient construction, low wastage and long life, it isthe really green fire prevention product without such harmful elements as asbestos, formaldehyde or benzene.

    3. Application

    The board is widely adoptable to partition and suspended ceiling in decoration of

    Buildings, it is also absolutely suitable to the structure for heat prevention,

    Sound insulation wall. Places with dampness, mobile partition, special class fire prevention, sandwich plate in fireproof gate and packaging of equipment cases.

    4. Standard dimensions

    1220*2440 3.0-12.0mm

    900*1800 3.0-12.0mm

    Remark: Tailor-made board per customer is available

    5. Technical date

    Density: 230-250Kg/m

    Compressive strength: 1.5-2Mpa

    Water non-absorption ratio: > 95%

    Bending strength: 0.8-1Mpa

    Heat transfer coefficient: <0.065w/m. K

    Dryness retraction: < 0.5mm/m

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High Quality MGO Board Magnesium Oxide Panel (SG016) - buying leads
  •  Zhangjiagang Shenggang Enviroment Fire-Proof Construction Material Co., Ltd. was established in 1998 with advantageous geography location. 

    Our factory covers 68, 000 square meters, and the distance to Zhangjiagang Port and Zhangjiagang Bonded Zone is about 10 kilometers. The proportion of high-tec...More >

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  • Building Materials-Board-Fibreboard
  • Fireproof Board , Ceiling , MGO Board , Partition Board , Magnesium Oxide Board.
  • North America, South America, Europe, Southeast Asia/ Mideast, Africa, East Asia(Japan/ South Korea), Australia, Domestic
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