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  • Xinda Green Energy Co., Limited

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200kw~600kw Wind Power Permanent Water Generator- buying leads

200kw~600kw Wind Power Permanent Water Generator

  • Price : US $500 - 100,000
  • MOQ: 1/5
  • Post Time: 2017-10-09 02:50:25


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  • Low speed permanent magnet water generator, leaving out speed-up machine, generating 50 Hz Power at low speed.
    High efficient PM rotor, compact structure. No carbon brushes, do not need excitation, no spark, no excitation winding, high rotor intensity, no field control box, sample construction, high performance.
    Protection class: IP44, avoid water, mud, dusty getting into the motor, long life, especially suitable for outdoor requirements.
    No excitation control-box, sample construct, high performance.
    Motors is running efficiently throughout the entire speed range, saving energy.
    Using embedded rare-earth magnetic steel, especially suitable for turbulence, impact dynamic and reverse running.
    The motor adopts wind-cooling or water-cooling, low temperature, adopts high speed oil-retaining bearing, maintenance-free, high reliability, long life-span.

    You can change the motor voltage, speed, Power and other parameters, the out size of the motor can be also changed. You can use splined shaft, dual shaft, flange and other output styles

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200kw~600kw Wind Power Permanent Water Generator - buying leads
  •  Xinda Green Energy Co., Limited is specialized in handling the business of vertical and horizontal wind turbine generator, various kind of permanent magnet generator(0.05-3000kw), speed from 20rpm-20000rpm, both vertical and horizontal, small hydro turbine system(low head and higher head), wind solar hybrid syste...More >

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  • General Machinery-Electric Generator-Wind Driven Generator
  • Low Speed Generator Wind Turbine Generator Wind Power Generator Permanent Magnet Generator Windmill Generator
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